VIDEO: This Ohio lacrosse hit will make you cringe

VIDEO: This Ohio lacrosse hit will make you cringe

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VIDEO: This Ohio lacrosse hit will make you cringe


Lacrosse is a game of skill, speed and fury. The defenseman you see in the highlight above exhibits two of those characteristics in an almost unmatched way, though this play probably should have landed him in the penalty box.

As noted by 247 Sports, the highlight clip you see above comes from Ohio, where Wilmington was facing off against Franklin. The Wildcats roared past Wilmington, 17-5, but all that offense clearly eventually got to some of the Wilmington players, defender Briten Kessler chief among them. When Kessler finally found himself with a direct line at a Franklin offensive midfielder, he took off like a freight train, eventually plowing over the unsuspecting Wildcat in one of the more thorough de-cleating moments in recent memory.

Of course, the play also should have drawn a penalty. Really, go watch it again. Kessler’s hands are apart as he makes contact with the Franklin player, which is a surefire cross check, a one-minute penalty.

It doesn’t appear that penalty was called, and the play was close enough for it to slip by without notice, at least at the high school level. If nothing else, it gave Wilmington players and fans something to remember from a bitter loss.


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