Video: Youth baseball coach loses it in profanity-laced tirade on umpire

Video: Youth baseball coach loses it in profanity-laced tirade on umpire


Video: Youth baseball coach loses it in profanity-laced tirade on umpire


If you’ve ever been to San Diego, you know how hard it is to lose your cool there. It’s 70 degrees and sunny just about every day of the year. Your only option, really, is to chill.

Well, unless you’re Trent Holbrook.

He was the head coach for RIP Baseball, a fitting name now that he’s been indefinitely banned from U.S. Amateur Baseball Federation tournaments after his profanity-laced tirade on an umpire during a game at San Diego’s Westview High, according to reports.

“I’m a piece of [expletive]? You’re a piece of [expletive],” Holbrook screamed in front of players and parents on video recorded by a spectator. “You know what? I’m going to call every [expletive] league and making sure you don’t [expletive] umpire ever again. You’re [expletive] terrible. You’re [expletive] terrible.”

The parent who taped the tirade told CBS 8 he began recording late and did not even capture the worst of Holbrook’s rant, which began when he objected to a fifth-inning call. Other parents told NBC 7 this isn’t the first time Holbrook’s hot temper has boiled over.

In addition to Holbrook, three assistants and one player were ejected for cursing, reports said. After the game ended in forfeit, Holbrook allegedly confronted an umpire in the parking lot. The coach has been banned from all USABF tournaments, an assistant was suspended and the league is looking into disciplining an umpire for cursing at Holbrook.

“Yeah, I went overboard a bit,” Holbrook told NBC 7.

A bit?

“Why would you take the integrity out of the game and call a pitch over someone’s head?” added Holbrook. “Not at the neck, not at the letters, over the head, where the catcher stands up. I am regretful of my actions — the language. Can I say I’m never going to get fired up again and argue a call? No.”

Well, that’s reassuring to parents who expressed their shock to local TV news stations.

RIP Baseball, a team of 16-year-olds who paid $1,125 to participate in the tournament, finished 3-3 at the USABF World Series despite the forfeit. According to ABC 10, the team will be coached by an assistant in the final eight tournaments of their season.


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