What college landed 7-foot, 440-pound lineman John Krahn?

What college landed 7-foot, 440-pound lineman John Krahn?


What college landed 7-foot, 440-pound lineman John Krahn?


You may remember Riverside (Calif.) King senior John Krahn, the 7-foot, 440-pound offensive lineman whose rhyming name and mammoth size both strike fear into the hearts of high school opponents.

Well, soon those foes will be on the college football field, as Krahn has decided to continue his playing career at nearby Riverside Community College in hopes of landing an NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision scholarship down the line, according to a recent feature by online publication MEL.

However, Krahn told USA TODAY High School Sports in a tweet that “I have made no commitment to any school all options are open,” despite the reports.

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Krahn’s recruiting video went viral in September, and that caught the eyes of several junior college programs. He ultimately decided on Riverside Community College, and the remarkably large lineman hopes his time there will get him into shape and attract enough attention to continue his career.

“I see it as an opportunity to get to college football because it’s getting my name out there,” Krahn told the online publication (via 247sports). “So if Tennessee, ASU, Boise State or Montana sees me and they’re like, ‘He might work here,’ that opens doors.”

Krahn’s mother Cindy died on Nov. 30, according to MEL. Of playing college football and advancing his career, the Riverside King senior added, “This is what I want, and I’m going to do it for her.”


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