Why Should DC Residents Vote?

Why Should DC Residents Vote?


Why Should DC Residents Vote?


dc-vote    The definition of voting is a singular choice, an expression from within or even an way of showing your opinion. On November 8th, Americans from all over will be in schools, recs, libraries and many other places voting. The real question is, should DC make it their job to vote? Washington, D.C., has approximately 600,000 residents – more than the approximately 500,000 residents of Wyoming. The editorial board of cesar chavez agrees that all eligible voters should vote because it’s your duty an american, your natural born right and it’s a very close presidential race; every vote counts.  

    On the other side the machines are not update and can easily be hacked making the votes not valid.

    Even if that was to be true it really wouldn’t matter because D.C is so big that the votes wouldn’t be affected as much.

    Not voting in the election is the same as not paying bills because if you don’t pay the you will be affected negatively in the end. If you don’t vote you make it harder for you to receive the candidate you wish to win.

    Voting is the most effective way for the general population to give feedback to the politicians. Voting includes that voters are more likely to be more politically aware. People who vote are more likely to get involved in their community and bring important issues to their local officials

    We believe that voting is very important. Washington DC residents should make it a priority to vote because in the past we were denied voting representation in Congress. Taxation without representation is still a fact of life in Washington DC, but we should take advantage of our right to vote and take advantage of the fact we have representation in congress to stand up for our interest and values.

    Voting is a practice of our human rights. Regardless of the area’s battle with statehood, we are still utilizing our voices to make our presence in the upcoming election. The district in itself is powerful on it’s own, being the home to the president, congress, and the Supreme Court. This makes the residents empowered already, being so close and front row to all of the federal decisions that go on right in their backyard. Besides there are a lot of us, “… a larger population than Vermont and Wyoming; both of whom have full voting representation in Congress with two Senators and one Congressperson.” so every single vote does count.

    Lately a lot of people we know have been feeling discouraged by voting in general, they can’t see how much their vote make a difference. Right now Clinton and Trump are neck and neck. With Clinton leading by only 48.5% and Trump following behind her at 42.4%. At this point every vote counts–our opinion counts. The 4.9% of undecided voters don’t know how much influence they have over the presidential election.

   Every vote counts, every voice counts. People fought for our right to vote so why should we waste it? We’re being such cowards running away from such a decision for frivolous reasons. We have right, we have a voice, we have power so let’s use it.



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