Woptober by Gus Deely

Woptober by Gus Deely


Woptober by Gus Deely


It’s that time of year again: the leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, the football season is in full swing, and scary movies are being played across all T.V. networks. No, it’s not October but it’s definitely Woptober. Woptober is Gucci Mane’s second album since his release from federal prison and Guwop is starting to look like his old self with releases left and right.

Gucci Mane has gone back to his darker style of rapping whilst bringing about his newer healthier lifestyle. Woptober is a play on words that combines Gucci’s nick name, Guwop, and his favorite month of the year October. Woptober truly represents October’s bleak, spooky feeling that is brought about with the second most popular holiday in America, Halloween.

This album starts off with “Intro” and “Agressive” which are definitely two of the best songs off the album because of how well the beats accentuate Gucci Mane’s dark flow. The great start leads into a weak spot in the album with three pretty repetitive and overall weak tracks. Some would even go as far as saying they are “trash” like CV student Cameron Lane states. The only song worth mentioning of the three is “Money Machine” due to the fact that you get to hear a felon say “beep beep” in his highest pitch voice to represent the noise his ATM makes.

After getting past the hump of repetitive songs you get into my personal favorite song from Woptober, “Wop.” Just like the start of the album, the beat of the song just fits Guwop’s style so well. The second half of the album overshadows the first with many solid bangers that have impressive hooks and great flow from Gucci. Highlights of the second half include “Icy,” “Hi-Five,” and “Addicted.”

Gucci pulled himself together to pull off another solid piece of work that, while not as good as Everybody Looking, is still great album by anyone’s standards. Overall the album would gain a 6.8 out of 10. I have listened to it plenty of times and some songs can definitely be skipped and you would not miss much but the amount of solid works on this album bring it to a passing grade.


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