Are you an elite sports parent?

Are you an elite sports parent?

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Are you an elite sports parent?

By is the preeminent website for parents of young athletes, offering resources, product suggestions, news and advice from the world’s most notable athletes, coaches, youth sports experts and organizations. Founded by sports broadcast veterans Alex Flanagan and Asia Mape, the site seeks to help parents find balance, gain an edge and stay sane in the increasingly competitive world of youth sports.

I know you’ve seen that Mom or Dad on the sideline dressed head to toe in performance gear, tweaking out every time their child misses a shot. Well, guess what? Most truly successful athletes have parents who share certain winning habits with them. And it is not being an overbearing sideline nuisance.

In the spirit of helping all mankind, we offer this simple guide on how to become an Elite Sports Parent. By following these commonsense principles, you can help your child succeed in the game by succeeding in life.

  1. Appearance matters. Let’s face it: We are all judging books by their covers. Be fit, not sloppy.  Avoid the common temptation to dress like a super fan. You will simply look like a larger member of your child’s team and that is stupid.
  2. Oh, and by the way, you are not eligible to play. Rid yourself of the the idea that at any moment the coach may turn around and tap you to come into the game late to seal the win by making a big stop. The league has rules against someone your age competing. Make peace with this and move on. Quickly.

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