Arizona offensive tackle Austin Jackson heading to USC

Arizona offensive tackle Austin Jackson heading to USC

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Arizona offensive tackle Austin Jackson heading to USC


Austin Jackson from North Canyon (Phoenix) took center stage Wednesday, a spot he rarely is comfortable.

The low-key Jackson chose USC over Arizona State and Washington.

At 6-6 and 280 pounds, Jackson has long arms, quick feet and a high intensity, but also is a bit raw in terms of technique.

Engaging to talk with, Jackson rarely does interviews. He doesn’t post photos from in-home visits or school logos when offers come in. His Twitter feed has more retweets about his friends’ recruiting than his own.

That makes him an anomaly amid the look-at-me intersection of social media and recruiting.

The first of Jackson’s reported 21 offers came from Arizona State in March 2015 when he was sophomore and enamored with the attention. His view quickly changed and that became the guiding principle going forward.

“I was a little bit younger so I enjoyed all the publicity and getting all the likes and retweets on Twitter, having to do interviews and all that,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “I thought it was pretty cool, but after a while it turned into a whole lot of publicity that I realized I didn’t really want. It kind of distracts you from what you really want.

“I figured at the end of the day I’m going to have to make my own decision no matter what all these hundreds and thousands of people are going to say over Twitter or on the phone in interviews. It’s going to be my decision so I tried to cancel out as many distractions as I could; and I’ve kind of been low key. I don’t really like all my stuff out there for everyone to see.”


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