Beating Senioritis

Beating Senioritis


Beating Senioritis


As second semester finally comes around, most of us seniors begin to sink further into what most know to be senioritis. College applications, scholarships, and part-time jobs all play into this agonizing time full of nothing but stress, homework, and dollar signs; often with little signs of an end in sight. Here, we’ve compiled a list of things that can be done to fight the stress of senior year:

1: Take a step back.

Take a night or two to toss the thought of scholarships and applications. Make some tea or hot chocolate, grab some blankets, and laze around. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break every once in awhile. In fact, this brings us to step up.

2: Do something you enjoy.

While you’re lazing around, why not do something you like? Break out your favorite video game, draw in your sketchbook, go on Youtube, listen to some music — whatever takes your mind off things! (Personally, I prefer to play Pokemon or Overwatch with friends.)

3: Watch a terribly-made movie.

I can’t explain how entertaining it is to watch a horribly constructed movie. Not only does it distract you from feeling stressed out, but it makes you feel like a better person as a whole– because you aren’t the unfortunate person who put this movie out into the public. My personal favorite atrocity is A Talking Cat?! With a solid 2.4/10 rating on

IMBD, this film is cringy in the most hilarious way possible.

4: Sleep, sleep, sleep.

I think this one speaks for itself. Sometimes under the heavy weight of stress, the only thing that can make you feel recharged is to turn off the lights, hide under the covers, and hibernate.

Did I say hibernate? I meant nap. Don’t hibernate– you’ll probably fail all your classes if you do.


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