Cafeteria used for filming in upcoming Netflix series

Cafeteria used for filming in upcoming Netflix series


Cafeteria used for filming in upcoming Netflix series


Shaler Area High School will now be on the big screen now that the upcoming Netflix Series “Mindhunter” finished filming some scenes in the cafeteria.

“Mindhunter”, a new Netflix series, recently finished filming in the Pittsburgh area. This series, some of which was filmed in the High School’s cafeteria, is based upon the novel Mindhunter by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker.

The overall plot of the series, which deals with the FBI’s most elite detectives, revolves around the Serial Killer Crime Unit tracking down serial killers and rapists.

Jonathan Groff, Anna Trov and Holt McCallany were a few stars from the series who were at the high school during filming.

“Initially in the spring some of the netflix people, producers and location scouts visited our building a handful of times and they got in touch with the buildings and grounds people to set it up,” Shaler Area custodian Mr. Dale Mangold, who also has a minor role in the show, said.

The cafeteria underwent a temporary two-day makeover for the filming to fit the part of a 70s FBI cafeteria. Some specific construction factors included new walls, covering the security cameras and digital clocks, adding new tables and chairs and bringing in cash registers and trays to give the setting a look from the ‘70s time period. There was also high demand for extras and for cars from roughly the ‘60s up until the ‘80s.

“It was a cafeteria turned into a cafeteria. It’s the best way I can describe that. They liked our cafeteria because it resembled the design of an older building, but there are still some modern technology things that exist in the cafeteria now that didn’t during the show time period. They still used part of the cafeteria that you would recognize, but the rest was constructed,” Mangold said.

The school was only used for filming for about three days, but the overall filming in Pittsburgh lasted about five months with a majority of the filming being done at the Highland Park Veterans Hospital location.

Filming recently finished in the beginning of December.

However, it is likely that the “Mindhunter” production will return to Pittsburgh again if the series gets renewed, meaning filming at the high school may continue on in the future.

Mangold himself will appear on screen when “Mindhunter” is released.

“I’m in a handful of episodes, nothing big, just background stuff. I play an FBI staff member in a couple of scenes,” Mangold said.  

The debut of the series is set to be released to Netflix around March.


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