Chop-Up: Russ sits on the random/hot seat

Chop-Up: Russ sits on the random/hot seat

Celeb Chop-Up

Chop-Up: Russ sits on the random/hot seat


Without question, the millions of fans who support hip hop star Russ are elated that at age 7, he set himself on a path to stardom, writing rhymes in his notebook and eventually producing the beats to accompany them.

Still, probably unbeknownst to them, Russ has another skill-set that could’ve made him a whole other kind of star.

“I really have the best jumper,” Russ said. “No, really; I’m telling you. No one is seeing my jumper. I don’t miss.”

When asked if the former high school basketball star would’ve excelled on the hardwood with a logical progression, Russ said, quite matter-of-factly, that he not only would’ve excelled, but he would’ve made it to the highest level.

“Oh I would’ve gone to the NBA!” he said. “Someway, some shape or form, at some point in life I would’ve played in the NBA, 100 percent.”

We caught up with raps No. 1 hooper to chop-it-up about everything from the May 5 release of his new album There’s Really a Wolf to having his mouth washed out with soap to under which circumstance he’d answer to the moniker Fabritzio Gaffleson.

Jason Jordan: I always like to gauge the sports backgrounds and experiences of all of my guests on the Celeb Chop-Up; I’m curious about what sports you tried growing up?

Russ: I played basketball my whole life; I played in high school and my jumper is super-mean. Quote me on that!

JJ: I’ve had a lot of rappers come on the Celeb Chop-Up and claim to be the No. 1 hooper among rappers. Were they telling the truth?

R: Oh no, all that was fabrication! My jumper is actual, real life truth!

JJ: Give me your shining moment from your high school playing days.

R: There was this one game when I was a freshman where I hit a buzzer beater to end every quarter. It was legendary! I only had 12 points, but all of them were fresh!

JJ: If you put everything into basketball the way you’re putting everything into music right now could you have played D-I in college?

R: Oh I would’ve gone to the NBA! I literally would’ve dedicated my entire being to getting there! Someway, some shape or form, at some point in life I would’ve played in the NBA, 100 percent.

JJ: Love the confidence! OK, let’s take it random; which fast food restaurant has the best burgers?

R: Burger King.

JJ: In the epic game of Paper, Rock, Scissors which object do you find that you get the most wins with?

R: I think paper.

JJ: When you see a yellow traffic light what’s the first thing that pops into your head?

R: Go. Now.

JJ: What was your worst pre-fame job?

R: Being a busboy! That was the worst because I hate touching my own food, but now you want me to touch other people’s food? The worst.

JJ: What movie absolutely deserves another installment?

R: Probably the Matrix. I’d want them to flip it somehow.

JJ: What’s the most overused slang word or phrase out right now?

R: Lit.

JJ: President Obama’s Secret Service code name was Renegade, President Trump’s is Mogul; if you were President what would you pick your code name to be?

R: (Laughs) God.

JJ: You wouldn’t even need the Secret Service. OK, if you would 100 percent get away with it which crime would you commit?

R: (Laughs) I’d definitely rob a bank.

JJ: Which competition-based reality show would you absolutely win?

R: Who Wants to be a Millionaire. My gut is great.

JJ: Here’s the scenario: You tap a car in a parking lot and no one’s around, do you move to a different row or do you leave a note?

R: (Laughs) We’re moving to a different row. I’m not snitching on myself!

JJ: What was your worst childhood punishment?

R: My mom would literally wash my mouth out with soap.

JJ: That’s rough! OK, unfortunately, you’ve found yourself in the Witness Protection Program, what’s your new name going to be?

R: (Laughs) Fabritzio Gaffleson

JJ: You probably won’t believe this, but no one’s ever given me that answer.

R: (Laughs) Yes!

Russ’ new album There’s Really a Wolf drops May 5.

JJ: Blindfolded can you tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke?

R: (Laughs) Yes, because my gut and intuition sees everything.

JJ: Who would you never want to meet in a dark alley?

R: Debo from Friday!

JJ: You have to pick one: 12 rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime of five rounds in the octagon with Anderson Silva in his prime.

R: (Laughs) Whoa! Oh my God! I’d pick Tyson because I’m only dealing with his fists. With Silva I’m dealing with kicks, punches, elbows…

JJ: If you could go back and get the truth about one past mystery which would you choose?

R: I’d want to know who killed 2Pac and Biggie!

JJ: Well big congrats on the successes of your singles Losin’ Control and What They Want, now we’ve got the album There’s Really a Wolf dropping May 5; talk about what fans can expect from this project.

R: Thanks a lot! This was fun. With the album it’s SoundCloud on steroids! The fans can rest assured that this is really the music that I wanted to make. While I was putting out the songs on SoundCloud I was keeping all of these back because I thought they were better than everything else. If you like my SoundCloud, I’m here to tell you that this is better than that. Produced, mixed, mastered, engineered and written by me. I made it in my basement too! It’s fresh!

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Chop-Up: Russ sits on the random/hot seat
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