Documents: Colerain (Ohio) coach caught at student's house, begs mother of student not to go to police

Documents: Colerain (Ohio) coach caught at student's house, begs mother of student not to go to police


Documents: Colerain (Ohio) coach caught at student's house, begs mother of student not to go to police


A member of the Colerain High School coaching staff who resigned two weeks ago had been spotted a day earlier at the house of a female student and fled the scene, school district documents obtained by The Enquirer state.

Coach Nick Priessman had been in social media contact with the girl before the incident, the records state. Afterwards, he reached out to the girl and her mother by text and social media, “literally begging” them not to go to the police, screenshots obtained by the school district show.

An investigation by the Cincinnati Police Department into allegations of improper conduct committed by a Colerain High School coach and involving a student continues. No charges have been filed.

Priessman could not be reached for comment.

The Northwest Local School District records obtained by The Enquirer through a public records request offer new details about the case.

Parents of a Colerain student who lives in Cincinnati contacted officials following an alleged incident at their home Sept. 25. Colerain High School Principal Jack Fisher conducted a meeting that included Assistant Principal Matt Haws and Colerain Township Police Officer Chris Cullman on Sept. 26, the date Priessman would tender his resignation.

Notes from that meeting summarize interviews with the student and her parents. According to the summary, the following occurred:

Priessman sent the student a SnapChat request on Saturday, Sept. 23, and it was accepted. The student reported she was asked by Priessman when she would be home alone.

There also was a text from Priessman to a “Coach B” saying he would be late to practice on Monday, Sept 25. Colerain’s football coach is Tom Bolden.

He reportedly went to the girl’s house at about 3:10 p.m. on Sept. 25. The student’s mother came home at about 3:15 p.m. and noticed a commotion and someone peeking around the house.

A neighbor joined her. Suspecting that the person they saw was trying to break in, they yelled, and the person took off through the neighborhood.

The student confirmed Priessman was in the house, the school notes state. She said they were in the bedroom kissing and he was running his hands on her outer thighs, according to the notes. She was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.

Over the next few hours, according to the meeting notes, there were several communications involving Priessman and the girl and her family:

At 4:07 p.m., Priessman texts the mother of the student. “Hey, this is Mr. Priessman. I stopped by to grab something for one of my players and a few neighbors up the street were asking me what I was doing, and I absolutely freaked out and got scared and ran. It looked so bad when it wasn’t at all. I should of just came to you and told you why I was there. I apologize again.”

Priessman tells the student he is setting up an alibi. The message, sent via Twitter at 4:50 p.m., says, “I am saying I came to your house to get (the player’s) bag and scouting report for football which I really was and you said your mom was home and I absolutely panicked and freaked out.”

At 5:21 p.m., he again texts the mom: “I am begging you mam (sic). I’ve never done anything like this nothing at all happened with your daughter. I have so much going for me and it could all be thrown away forever for a stupid decision I made to come to your house. I am literally begging you not to go to the police over this.”

The notes indicate the coach tried to use a football player as an alibi. The notes also indicate there was a face-to-face meeting with the student’s father. The notes say the father claims Priessman admitted his intention was to have sex with the student.

Both Priessman and his mother, Victoria Priessman, contacted the family according to the meeting notes.

The meeting notes say Priessman’s mother asked the parents of the girl “what do you want?”

“I asked ‘What do you think was meant by this statement?’” Fisher’s notes said. “‘A bribe’ was the response from the parents.”

The notes indicated that the coach and his mother drove by the home of the student.

Victoria Priessman could not be reached for comment.

Fisher contacted Children’s Services Sept. 27, school records show.

The girl’s family, which does not live in the Northwest Local School District, according to district officials, reported the incident to Cincinnati District 5 Police. Cincinnati Police spokesman Steve Saunders said Tuesday there is nothing new to report on the investigation.

The student is no longer enrolled at Colerain High School, a school official confirmed.


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