Connecticut school forced to replace defective new track after just one year

When the Plainville School District spent $225,000 to install a brand new track around the school’s new field turf facility, it expected it would produce a championship quality surface for years to come. What it certainly didn’t expect was the need to completely replace the entire track after just one year.

As reported by the Meriden Record-Journal, Plainville High officials have decided to tear up the school’s track surface after unexplained bubbling in the surface made it dangerous for athletes to practice and compete on. The decision will require months of repair and could sideline or delay the team’s home schedule in the spring outdoor season. No timetable has been made available for the repairs yet.

Perhaps most frustratingly, officials insist they still have no idea why the bubbling has occurred, despite the fact that the track was installed just a year earlier.

“It is certain now that the track will have to be completely replaced, it is beyond repair,” Plainville School Superintendent Maureen Brummett told the Record-Journal. “We’re still left with why is it bubbling.”

For now, it doesn’t matter why the surface is bubbling, just that it is bubbling. That alone has created a huge headache for the district, far earlier than it thought it would face one.

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