Ensemble Immersion: An Inside Scoop

Ensemble Immersion: An Inside Scoop


Ensemble Immersion: An Inside Scoop


Christian Rothbauer

Ensemble Immersion is not your average Lincoln Park production. EI shows are known for being weird, unexpected, and shrouded in mystery. When you go to an EI show, you never know what’s in store. Whether it be an emotional, psychedelic story about artists who take part in a psychological experiment, or a funny play where the main character dies in four different ways, each story is different and unpredictable.

But EI isn’t just something fun you can go see on Feb. 2 or 3, it’s also completely created by students here at Lincoln Park.

It’s a student-written, student-performed show that brings all the majors together,” said Maria Alexander, the Student Director of EI, and senior Music major from Robinson.

The process of creating an EI show starts with the Creative Team: the group of students who come up with ideas for the shows, led by founder Todd Goodman.

We just talk until an idea comes, so if we get into a fight, which tend to be funny, that can spark an idea for a show,” Alexander said, chuckling.

The writers take the team’s ideas, fill in the blanks, and come back to the team with scripts,” said Haley Ohlund, one of the Co-Head Writers of EI, and senior Literary Arts major from Gibsonia.

It’s a way to write that I haven’t had the opportunity to do in the past,” Ohlund said. “It’s really interesting to see your work acted out in a production, and it’s a cool way to work with artists from other fields to understand their side of how shows work.” Ensemble Immersion has shows twice a year, and the second one comes around Feb. 2 and 3, and is on the same Thursday as LAVA.

The last show was bomb, and this next one will probably be just as good,” Alexander said. “We have a couple of guest stars that everyone in the school will know, so I would definitely come and see it.”


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