Shane Heirman, coach of Super 25 champion La Lumiere, takes assistant job at DePaul

Shane Heirman, right, with Brian Bowen. (Photo: Jim Halley/USA TODAY Sports).

Shane Heirman, who coached La Lumiere to a Super 25 championship this past season in only his third year at the school, has taken a job as an assistant mens’ basketball coach at DePaul.

Heirman, 28, played at Marian Catholic (Chicago Heights, Ill.) and then for three seasons as a guard at Tulsa before becoming the coach at La Lumiere. He had a three-year record of 82-7 with the Lakers, producing 15 Division I basketball players in that time, including two McDonald’s All-Americans this season in Brian Bowen and Jaren Jackson, Jr.

Heirman’s success at La Lumiere drew interest from several high mid-major programs. DePaul’s roster includes freshman forward Al Eichelberger and freshman guard Brandon Cyrus, both of whom played for La Lumiere. The Blue Demons are also pursuing two current La Lu players in senior forward Bowen and sophomore guard Tyger Campbell.

“I’ve had some options in the past and I think this one makes sense on a lot of levels,” Heirman said. “Being able to recruit to such a high-academic and high-athletic performance place is extremely unique and to be able to play in the Big East and a lot of our ties from La Lumiere are regional, so to be able retain those relationships and work those for DePaul is a big deal to me.”

Heirman said that assistant coach Pat Holmes would take over the top job at La Lumiere.

“They will be talented and there will always be good people who want to attend La Lumiere,” Heirman said of the Lakers.

Heirman said the building of  the new Wintrust Arena at DePaul and the return of coach Dave Leitao will help him recruit for the Blue Demons.

“Obviously, it’s a big time for recruiting, so that’s the focus and making sure we have the best possible roster to put together.”

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