Hoops Roundtable: Five five-star recruits talk summer ball, recruiting and college coaches

Hoops Roundtable: Five five-star recruits talk summer ball, recruiting and college coaches


Hoops Roundtable: Five five-star recruits talk summer ball, recruiting and college coaches


La Lumiere's Brian Bowen said he wouldn't change the massive number of games during the summer.

La Lumiere’s Brian Bowen said he wouldn’t change the massive number of games during the summer.

USA TODAY Sports reporter Jason Jordan held a roundtable discussion with five of the nation’s top high school basketball players: Spartanburg Day (Spartanburg, S.C.) junior forward Zion Williamson, La Lumiere (La Porte, Ind.) senior wing Brian Bowen, Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.) senior forward P.J. Washington, a Kentucky signee, North (Norman, Okla.) senior point guard Trae Young and John Carroll (Bel Air, Md.) senior point guard Immanuel Quickley.

The discussion covered several hot topics regarding contact with college basketball coaches, recruiting and summer basketball. 

How often have you had to ignore texts/calls from coaches that are just doing a little too much?

Williamson: I guess a few times a week because I have a time period during the day where I can answer the texts and calls. After 10 p.m. I ignore everybody because my mom takes my phone.

Quickley: I try not to ignore at all. If I don’t text them back then I’m probably doing schoolwork or something. With me, it hasn’t gotten out of hand just yet.

Bowen: Probably a couple of times a week. I’ll have to tell my dad and he’ll back things off a little bit. Sometimes that stuff gets to be too much. Coaches don’t stop coming.

Young: I’ve had to hit that ignore button from time to time. I know it’s their job to hit us up and get to know us and things like that, but sometimes they go too far.

Washington: All the time! I’m not a phone person; I’d rather text, so I ignored a lot of calls. Coaches call too much.

What would you change about the recruitment process in terms of contact with coaches?

Bowen: I think coaches should call more and not text as much. I think they think because we’re younger that we like to text rather than talk, but I like to talk. I would rather hear your voice so I can hear tone and everything like that.

Williamson: I wouldn’t change anything because my mom shields anything that’s too much.

Young: I would probably limit the days throughout the week that they could contact us. Maybe like three days a week or something like that. I think that would help us more. It would be more manageable.

Washington: I would change the rule so the coaches could only text you. I hate being on the phone; I’d rather talk to you on a visit in person. I almost never wanted to talk on the phone. Make it a text only rule.

Zion Williamson said he'd change the timing of summer events. (Photo by Kelly Kline/Under Armour)

Zion Williamson said he’d change the timing of summer events. (Photo by Kelly Kline/Under Armour)

What would you change about summer basketball?

Quickley: I think we should be able to talk to coaches that are recruiting us at events. It’s crazy that I have to treat them like strangers. I don’t understand that one.

Bowen: I enjoy summer basketball a lot! Maybe just the one-on-one aspect of summer ball. That kinda makes the game look bad.

Williamson: I would change the timing of different camps. All of the different shoe companies put their camps on at the same time and there are definitely some camps that I wanted to go to but couldn’t because it was at the same time as another camp I wanted to go to. I wish they didn’t do that. I just want to play against all of the best players.

Young: I would add a tournament at the end of the summer with the champion from each shoe company to see who had the best circuit. I think that would be big!

Washington: Yeah I think you should be able to talk to the coaches that are recruiting you at the summer tournaments. I hate that rule where you can’t talk to them; that’s crazy to me.

How many games do you play from April to August? What, if anything, would you change about that number?

Quickley: Probably about 50 or more. I would definitely reduce that number. I think I’d focus more on just the big events. Maybe take off one event or something. Just need time to ice and recover and sometimes you don’t get that in the summer.

Bowen: More than 60, by far. I don’t think I would change anything about that. I feel like it’s spaced out pretty well. You have to be on a team that schedules the right way so you can get those breaks that you need.

Williamson: Probably 60-plus. I wouldn’t change that because during the summer college coaches can come out to your games a lot more and that gives other kids that might not get as many looks as you to be seen. One game can change everything for a player so the more opportunities the better.

Young: I think in all I play about 40-50 games. I wouldn’t change a thing. I mean, if your goal is to play in the NBA you’d be playing 82 games so you better get used to it.

Washington: Probably 50 or more games. I would change it to play more. I really love playing basketball. It’s fun for me.

What’s the craziest/most original thing a coach has done to try and sway you?

Bowen: Probably just bringing in former players who are NBA stars now during visits. That’s always big for me to be able to see what I could be if I came to that school.

Williamson: Clemson’s pitch to me is that I can go to any of the blue blood schools for a year and be just another name there or I can come to Clemson and make my name live forever.

Young: I had a coach tell me that he was gonna give me they keys to the team from day one. So, symbolically, he pulled out car keys to the Maserati and he tossed them to me and asked me what I was gonna do with it. That was smooth! I loved that.

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Hoops Roundtable: Five five-star recruits talk summer ball, recruiting and college coaches
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