Jayson Oweh honored to reach Under Armour All-American 'dream'

Blair Academy defensive end Jayson Oweh (Photo: Intersport) Photo: Intersport

Jayson Oweh honored to reach Under Armour All-American 'dream'


Jayson Oweh honored to reach Under Armour All-American 'dream'


Jayson Oweh never expected to be named to the Under Armour All-American Game when he began playing football at Blair Academy (N.J.) just a year ago. He did dream about it, though.

“It’s crazy,” Oweh told USA TODAY. “I wouldn’t have thought three years or two years ago. It’s an extreme honor. To get to this in two years is a testament to God and my hard work and everything.

“I’ve always been a fan of Under Armour, and all the great players who played in it I’ve been a fan of. It’s always been my favorite game to watch, so it’s always been a dream. ”

A 6-foot-6, 240 pound defensive end who blends size and athleticism into an elite package, Oweh is considered one of the top-10 defensive back prospects in the Class of 2018. The emphasis there is on the word “prospect,” as Oweh is in just his second year of competitive, organized football.

He’s also one of the top overall prospects from the state of New Jersey, and is being chased by a number of the nation’s top programs. Of those, he says Ohio State and Penn State have recruited him most aggressively, and he is also considering Notre Dame.

Jayson presented his father, Henry Oweh, with the Dream Champion Award. (Photo: Intersport)

While the recruiting attention has put a pretty bright spotlight on Oweh, he is focused on ensuring it doesn’t distract him from his tasks at hand. He is committed to establishing himself as one of the nation’s top defensive ends. He wants to win his division at Blair Academy, the prestigious New Jersey prep school where he has emerged as a transcendent star. And, perhaps most importantly, he wants to shine and enjoy himself when he does arrive in Orlando for the Under Armour game.

“I’m probably just looking forward to the game the most, playing against the best players in the game and the nation,” he said. “The things they’re doing in between the practices, going in the players lounges and hanging out at night. That experience will be a lot of fun.

“Before then, I obviously want to win my division. We only play eight games because prep leagues are different. We want to win the championship, I want to lead the division in sacks and prove that I’m a versatile player and the best player in New Jersey.”

Whether Oweh can follow through on all those commitments remains to be seen. Whether he does or not, he’s already accomplished one notable achievement, becoming the first player in school history to be named an Under Armour All-American.

“It’s a huge honor being the first Blair Academy player to be selected. It’s a huge honor. I want to make my people proud. My parents were ecstatic, going crazy screaming. It was a huge accomplishment.”


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