Lawyer calls accident that led to player's death 'utterly preventable'

Former Sachem East football player Joshua Mileto (Photo: GoFundMe screen shot) Photo: GoFundMe

Lawyer calls accident that led to player's death 'utterly preventable'

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Lawyer calls accident that led to player's death 'utterly preventable'


When Sachem East freshman football player Joshua Mileto was killed when he was hit by a log during a summer training camp drill, most were stunned by the tragic nature of the injury.

Now that more time has passed, Mileto’s mother, Sayyida Ancharski-Mileto, is moving forward with legal action against the Sachem East school district and Sachem East Touchdown Club, citing its carelessness and negligence in her son’s death.

Joshua Mileto, 16, was participating in a pre-season drill with a group of high school football players, carrying a large log overhead for a workout, when the wood fell on his head. (Photo: AP/Frank Eltman)

As reported by the New York Daily News, the Mileto family’s lawyer, Jay Dankner, is citing a variety of factors  that may have contributed to Mileto’s death, with multiple aspects speaking to potential negligence.

“There was an element of tiredness,” Dankner told the Daily News. “It wasn’t an accident; this was a preventable foreseeable occurrence.

“There were two teams of five kids, and they were told to race across the field. We’re not dealing with Navy SEALs here. They are 150 pounds soaking wet. This was utterly preventable if someone had used some foresight and thought.”

The lawsuit filed by Ancharski-Mileto as currently stipulated seeks $15 million in remuneration for the Mileto family, though Dankner insisted that they were more motivated by a drive to raise awareness about the risk of the log drill than any other factor.

Despite the death, the Sachem East football team will open its season on Saturday at Lindenhurst (N.Y.).

The entire season is being played under an interim coaching staff after the leaders who oversaw the training camp where Mileto died were initially placed on leave and have since been reassigned within the school district.


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