Lessons from The Professor: The Hands Up Move

Lessons from The Professor: The Hands Up Move


Lessons from The Professor: The Hands Up Move


Back in 2003, Grayson Boucher left small-town Keizer, Ore., to join the And1 MixTape Tour traveling all over the world breaking ankles and taking names on the hardwood and blacktop. He knew he’d have lots to prove if he was going to live up to his catchy moniker “The Professor”; an alias he earned because he schooled the opposition on the court. Today The Professor is the most well-known streetballer in the world and is virtually unguardable. Now he’s agreed to break down flashy moves every week this summer for hoopers in a blog with USA Today.

What’s up world, it’s The Professor back with another move for you guys!

Hopefully, you’re well on your way to perfecting the move I broke down last week called The Glitch!

This week we’re gonna go over The Hands Up Move!

I love this one, a lot of NBA guys use it. It’s been around for years and I think it was most popular back in the early 2000s. I actually learned it from the AND1 Mixtape Vol. 2.

In a nutshell it’s a fake shot.

You start to act like you’re gonna go into a fake shot and bring the off-hand over as if you’re gonna touch the ball with the other hand, but then you end up not breaking the 90-degree plane with the ball hand and continue to the basket.

So I start by approaching my opponent and giving him a few promo moves making him think that I want to attack. I make sure the moves are unsuccessful, meaning I don’t go by him so I allow him to believe that he’s stopped me and I have to pull-up for a jumper.

That’s when I act as if I’m gonna shoot the jumper with my left hand, but I put my hand to the side of the ball without breaking the 90-degree plane and bring my right hand over as if I’m gonna go into my jump shot and touch the ball with both hands. Then at the last second my right hand comes away from the ball and I go by him.

Usually, at the climax of this move is when you get the defense off balance. The best case scenario is that the defender jumps, but the cool thing about this move is that you don’t need him to jump. All you need for them is to go on their toes for a half second and they’re done!

Checkout the video breaking the move down below!

Read this over and over and then watch the video over and over and go try it out on someone.

Just follow these steps and you’ll have your defenders off balance all the time!

OK guys, thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon to break down the next move in our series!

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