Lessons from The Professor: The Look Away Move

Lessons from The Professor: The Look Away Move


Lessons from The Professor: The Look Away Move


Back in 2003, Grayson Boucher left small-town Keizer, Ore., to join the And1 MixTape Tour traveling all over the world breaking ankles and taking names on the hardwood and blacktop. He knew he’d have lots to prove if he was going to live up to his catchy moniker “The Professor”; an alias he earned because he schooled the opposition on the court. Today The Professor is the most well-known streetballer in the world and it virtually unguardable. Now he’s agreed to break down flashy moves every week this summer for hoopers in a blog with USA Today.

Hey guys, it’s that time again.

We’re already at move No. 6 in our series!

By now you’ve probably got some great stories about how you’ve been using the other five moves on your friends at the gym and in the park so make sure to hit me up and tell me all about it.

This week we’re gonna learn The Look Away move.

Now that is an older move, but the newer generation doesn’t do it as much.

The inspiration for The Look Away came from Steve Smith back in the day. It’s very deceptive move, but it’s also one that mostly anyone can pull off. This is a fall back move for an automatic bucket!

I like to start with the ball in my left hand and with my back to the defender. A lot of guards dribble that way when they’re a little slower than their defender.

I start with the ball in my left hand; the key is to just be in regular stride and mid-dribble you want to cover the basketball from your defender’s vision.

I mean step right into their sightline of the ball.

When you do this and the ball is going down to hit the floor you want to make a quick fake as if you were gonna spin back the other way then you come back to the ball, grab it after it’s already bounced and proceed the same way you were gonna go initially to the basket.

Did you get all that?

This works because defenders usually watch the hips or chest, but if you turn your back to them they’ve got to watch that. If your whole body is faking one motion and the last time they saw the ball it was about to hit ground it’s safe for them to assume that you’re gonna spin and go back the other way.

Make sense?

They either completely go the other way and just have no idea or they just freeze for a moment.

It’s a simple move, but it’s highly effective.

That’s a move that I’ll probably use forever!

OK you I keep saying this, but it’s so true, especially with these moves, reading is fundamental so read this over and over and then watch the video over and over and go try it out on someone.

Alright everybody, thanks so much for reading and I’ll be back soon to break down the next move in our series!

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