Lessons from The Professor: The Stiff Leg Crossover

Lessons from The Professor: The Stiff Leg Crossover


Lessons from The Professor: The Stiff Leg Crossover


Back in 2003, Grayson Boucher left small-town Keizer, Ore., to join the And1 MixTape Tour traveling all over the world breaking ankles and taking names on the hardwood and blacktop. He knew he’d have lots to prove if he was going to live up to his catchy moniker “The Professor”; an alias he earned because he schooled the opposition on the court. Today The Professor is the most well-known streetballer in the world and it virtually unguardable. Now he’s agreed to break down flashy moves every week this summer for hoopers in a blog with USA Today.

What’s up world, we’re back with move No. 7 in our series!

I’m excited to introduce you guys to the Stiff Leg Crossover.

It’s a great move when it’s done correctly. It’s just another variation of the crossover, but the problem is that so many people do this illegally so it’s gotten put on the shelf.

A lot of times it’s good to start with a hesi on this move; so you hesitate for a second then explode to the basket.

But after you get two steps in to your way to the basket you stop and then you pull the ball back from whatever hand you started with over the opposite foot back to the other hand.

The reason this creates a lot of space is because you sell it so heavy because you’re stopping your run path. You literally put the ball in front of the defender and in front of yourself so they have to assume you’re going to the basket.

A lot of times you can pull-up for the jump shot or transition into another move.

There are a lot of options when you pull this one off because of all the space and time you’ll have after you get your man with this one.

OK, it’s probably a good idea to read this over again to make sure you’ve got it then get out there and try it until you get it down pat. Watch the video below because that will help you out a lot.

OK, thanks so much for reading and I’ll be back soon to break down the next move in our series!

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