Michael Vick's sixth grade daughter was the starting QB for the HS varsity flag football team

Michael Vick with daughters Jada, left, and London (Photo: Instagram screen shot) Photo: Instagram screen shot

Michael Vick's sixth grade daughter was the starting QB for the HS varsity flag football team

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Michael Vick's sixth grade daughter was the starting QB for the HS varsity flag football team


Michael Vick has two daughters, Jada and London, and a son Mitez. While Mitez spent much of his youth away from Vick, his wife and his half-sisters, Jada and London grew up surrounded by their father’s football career, so it was no surprise that they might take an interest in the sport in their own right.

Apparently Jada has taken more than an interest. She’s already becoming a star.

A sixth grader in South Florida, she has already turned heads with her basketball ability. Now she’s apparently a star in the making in flag football. In an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback, the elder Vick said his daughter played the 2017 flag football season as her team’s starting quarterback, despite being a full six years younger than some of her teammates.


Here’s the full transcript about Jada’s career from Vick’s interview with MMQB’s Kalyn Kahler:

VICK: My daughter, Jada, she’s in sixth grade. She’s actually in middle school, but she’s the high school varsity quarterback for the all-girls flag football team, so that goes to show how good she is and how good she can throw the ball. She understands the game and I think it is an outlet for women as well. I sit back and watch the girls play. I went to every game this season and they play hard, they play to a championship. They didn’t go this year, obviously she was young, but she made a lot of plays and it was just a great joy to watch.

KAHLER: Was she interested in playing quarterback because she’s seen you play? Seems like Jada has quite the advantage over the other kids who don’t have former NFL quarterbacks as fathers.

VICK: I think out of about four or five other quarterbacks, who were all freshman through seniors, she won the job, so it says a lot about what a Vick can do. When she was growing up, there were times when I didn’t have anybody to throw the ball too. My son wasn’t around and it was just me and my daughter, and we would sit in the house and just throw the ball and play catch. I would be upstairs and she would be downstairs and we just throw the ball to one another. She paid more attention to my highlights, and I think as a role model, I’m considered hers, because she has watched me play the game of football for the last 10 years. She watched all my highlights and she admires my body of work, and I’m very grateful for that.

KAHLER: Is this a high school sport or club sport?

VICK: It’s a high school sport in South Florida, they have a whole league. Every high school has a girls flag football team; there were about nine teams.

KAHLER: Do your daughter’s opponents know they are playing against Mike Vick’s daughter? Have you ever heard opposing parents talk about it?

VICK: Yeah they do, they know. It is evident when she throws the ball. She likes the little fame that she’s got in school because the sixth, seventh and eighth graders go to school with the high schoolers, so she’s got a little fame in school and that’s good for her confidence.

All of these things are valid reasons why Jada Vick could emerge as the next big thing in South Florida flag football. Of course, that assumes that she sticks with the sport as she continues to advance in school. If she really did beat out a number of full high school students for the job, she clearly has talent and the work ethic needed to make a difference.

And that assumes that football is her chosen sport. Yes, her father is hoping to start a 7-on-7 flag football league — he threw 7 TD passes in a test game Tuesday — and yes she’s already a quarterback as a sixth grader. But Jada Vick claims that soccer is actually her favorite sport, as she specifically sets out on her Instagram account.

So what does the future hold? Athletic success, in a sport to be determined.


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