Michigan football field vandalized weeks before start of season

Lakeshore's football field was vandalized (Photo: Twitter screen shot) Photo: Twitter screen shot

Michigan football field vandalized weeks before start of season

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Michigan football field vandalized weeks before start of season


A high school football field in Michigan was vandalized just weeks before the start of the regular season, though the school has moved quickly to dispel any notion that the incident could delay the start of the football season or any program’s preparation for that date.

As reported by the Herald-Palladium, among other local sources, the Lakeshore (Mich.) High School football stadium and track were both vandalized, apparently either committed by or inspired by a social media user named ‘Book Gang,’ who films himself committing crimes and viral pranks in public.

The damage at the facility was not overwhelming, but still significant: Per the Herald-Palladium, areas of the track and stadium were spray-painted with yellow paint, and some large plastic letters at the top of the stadium were stolen.

Early estimates have the cost of repairing the damage around $4,000.

“We definitely don’t think it was adults. We think it’s youth-related,” Lincoln Township Detective John Chase told the Herald-Palladium. “There are rumors, which have not been confirmed, that it could have been rival students. The word ‘Revenge’ was written on the track in yellow.”

While the Lincoln Township police department will continue to evaluate video in hopes of identifying the culprit, the most reassuring news was that the incident wouldn’t deter any of the Lakeshore programs from their preseason preparation.

“We had athletes at the track and the band practicing on the field at 8 a.m., so it’s not going to affect our programs,” Superintendent Philip Freeman said. “The kids and coaches carried on.”


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