Michigan just landed commitments from twin DeSoto CBs German and Gemon Green

The DeSoto football team in Texas has emerged as a state power in part because of its depth and track record of transforming players with talent into bona fide stars. Now two of its finest are headed to Michigan to play for coach Jim Harbaugh … if he can remember how to tell them apart.

Twin brothers German Green and Gemon Green both committed to Michigan on Thursday. Both are cornerbacks, stand 6-foot-2 and weigh within five pounds of one another. They both also held scholarship offers from nearly the entire Big XII and a handful of other national powers, and both are now apparently ticketed to play in the Big House.

“The reason why we have chosen to commit to Michigan is because when we got down there, it felt like family,” German Green told 247 Sports. “The coaches are father-type role models. They each have their own personality.

“They all have the same goals as me and my brother. They want to get us better, succeed in life and win a national championship.”

Gemon Green also noted the program’s track record of producing NFL talent which, well, fair enough.

Now, the hard part: keeping the twins straight before there are numbers on the back of their jerseys.

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