Music Dept. Hitting the Right Notes in Fashion

Music Dept. Hitting the Right Notes in Fashion


Music Dept. Hitting the Right Notes in Fashion


Between their annual concerts and plethora of timeless style inspirations, the Music Department of Lincoln Park has plenty to offer in terms of fashion. While the upper floor of Alumni Hall is home to the majority of Music majors, you would think that nearly every department holds their classes there, based on how diverse the fashion is. From stylish lounge wear to professional attire, they can represent (and pull off) nearly every look.

Taylor Searle, a junior Music major from Cranberry said, “Singing is a physical activity that requires you to use all of your muscles, so you can honestly get swea

Photo credit: Niki Koscinski

Photo credit: Niki Koscinski

ty. This gives you more reason to wear loose and comfortable clothes.”

Searle also added that due to concerts and other performances, she’d acquired a lot of plain black clothes.

Another Music major influenced by performance attire is Nathanael Turner, a junior from Beaver.

He said dressing well gives him an expectation to live up to. “I dress as well as possible so that people know I care about myself and what I’m doing.”

Turner described his look as resembling a “flamboyant business executive.” When asked what inspired his style, he said, “Old violinists, people who took their work seriously but led what you could call very full and glamorous lives in some cases.”

Senior Claire Lyons from Center also finds inspiration in timeless and successful people, such as Audrey Hepburn.

Photo credit: Niki Koscinski

“I pick a lot of my clothes based on quality, and if I could see myself wearing them in a year or five years,” she said.

When talking about the Music Department as a whole, Lyons said, “I see a lot of different styles, as well as things similar to what I’ve worn before, so I think our styles in the department kind of bounce off of each other.”

It is safe to say that from the orchestra pit to the practice room, music majors have a widespread sense of fashion and inspirations that affect both their style and their art.


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