Art Corrigan, nation's winningest cross country coach, adds girls victory 600 to boys mark

Photo: Twitter screen shot

One of the nation’s most decorated coaches in any sport has a new feather in his cap, and it’s a big one: Win number 600.

As reported by the Allentown TV network WFMZ, Notre Dame (Pa.) cross country coach Art Corrigan celebrated his 600th career victory with the girls cross country team on Tuesday; he had already reached the 600 milestone with the boys team in 2016.

“Some of our guys and girls run 400 or 500 miles all summer.  We do a lot of hard work at cross country here at Notre Dame,” Corrigan told WFMZ. “It’s amazing, five guys I coached their mom and dads in the 80s and early 90s. It’s almost like the circle of life.”

The coach celebrated his most recent accomplishment with a post finish line cake alongside his current girls roster. All of the teens were excited to speak about what their coach’s success, but even more what he means to them personally.

“I love coach. He’s the nicest guy. He is always motivating,” said runner Kelly Lynch.

Always motivating, and always winning. Not a bad combination for a high school coach.

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