"Off Script" informs about drug dangers

"Off Script" informs about drug dangers


"Off Script" informs about drug dangers


The Saltworks Theater Company performed for the Shaler Area High School students on Thursday, January 26th. The company is a non-profit organization that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children and families in the north eastern region of the countryoff-script

“Off Script” was a play about drug addiction. It told 3 different true stories about how people became addicted to drugs. The people in the stories were just everyday people, and this reinforced their point that addiction can happen to anybody. The actors in the show were Karter Schachner, Kevin Moore, Andy Hickly, Kayleigh Rozwat, and Paige Moody.

“Scaring people doesn’t work, so informing people is what we want to do,” actor Kevin Moore said. “You guys are at the age where it’s up to you to make healthy decisions for yourself.”

One student, played by Andy Hickly, was an athlete with social anxiety. When he tore his ACL in a soccer game, he found that painkillers stopped not only his physical pain, but his social anxiety as well. Another student, played by Kayleigh Rozwat, was an honors student who tried adderall once to help her focus, and found that it was very addictive. The third student, played by Karter Schachner, mixed alcohol with opiates, which resulted in the student’s death.

The goal of this production  was to raise awareness and to educate the students about the dangers of opioid and prescription drug abuse. The school district decided that this was an important issue to address, as drug abuse is a growing epidemic.

“We hope that our community will continue to be aware of the dangers of opioid and prescription drug abuse. The connection with heroin is extremely important as cases of overdose all across the country and even close to home become more prevalent,” Superintendent Sean Aiken said.

The Saltworks Theater Company put on a show for the community that same night, and many middle school students and parents attended the performance. The reaction to the show was extremely positive from both the students and the parents.


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