Okla. basketball coaches fired for using school buses on beer run

Okla. basketball coaches fired for using school buses on beer run

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Okla. basketball coaches fired for using school buses on beer run


A pair of high school basketball coaches for Tishomingo (Okla.) High School have reportedly been fired for using school buses on a beer run while their team was participating in a nearby college basketball camp.

As reported by Oklahoma Fox affiliate KXII and NBC affiliate KFOR, the two basketball coaches who led the Tishomingo program in 2017 have been relieved of their duties in connection with the beer run scandal. The coaches were not named in the report, and they were never identified during the 2016-17 season by MaxPreps or any other scheduling service.

Per KXII, the coaches were chaperoning their players at a team camp at Connors State when they decided they needed to add some alcohol to their personal experience, despite the fact that Connors State is a dry campus.

Here’s how that expedition played out, according to KXII and other reports:

The coaches had access to the Tishomingo school bus used to transport the team to the camp, and decided to use it to get beer for their personal consumption. Meanwhile, they told their players to stay in their dorm rooms. The coaches drove to a local convenience store, where they purchased beer, but where the clerk noticed that they got off a school bus en route to the store’s entrance. The clerk reported the coaches to Tishomingo officials, the board was notified and the coaches were fired in short order.

At least one of the coaches’ now former players was quick to cast blame on the men for their poor decision making.

“We noticed that the school bus was gone but he had told us to stay in our dorms and so we proceeded to do that and we just didn’t find anything out until the next day,” Tishomingo player Kyle Miller told KXII. “It sort of just disappointed us all.

“We were pretty upset because we paid money out of pocket to go that camp, because we had to stay for three nights and we had to end up leaving on the second day.”

Now the program will have to spend the offseason identifying and recruiting in two new coaches. While that may be disappointing for the players, getting in leaders whose values align with the school community can only help create unity and drive future success.


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