New stadium now open to public

New stadium now open to public


New stadium now open to public


As of December 1st the newly renovated Titan Stadium is now completed and open to the public.

Originally scheduled to be opened in September, in time for the football season, problems began to arise pushing the deadline back further than expected. While three football games were played on the new turf the track was still under construction. Prohibiting the stadium from being completely open.

The main problem that occurred while finishing up the track was the weather. When the track was being laid down the fall season was just beginning. Knowing the weather would begin to get cold and unpredictable finding enough days of continuous good weather was the worker’s main issue.


Credit: Matt Lienemann

“As we got into October and into November we were very fortunate to of have a mild fall and good weather; but some of the challenges we faced towards the end were just some of the weather concerns and making sure that we had enough good days in a row that we could string together to make sure they could come in and do the work,” Stated Superintendent Sean Aiken.

Along with the new turf field and resurfaced track, security cameras were also updated in the stadium. Although they were already in the old stadium more high-tech cameras were needed to improve the safety of the community and the integrity of the new facilities.

“It’s just an update that we made to make sure that we were protecting our investment, we want to make sure that our community can use it. We want people to come walk the track and exercise and take advantage of the new field and the new track; but at the same time we want to make sure that we are very cautious with the facility and making sure that people are using it appropriately,”Aiken said.

New signs have also been put up clearly stating what is allowed and what is prohibited in the stadium. Things such as bikes, pets, strollers, skateboards, and roller-blades are forbidden. Tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, and weapons are also not allowed.

For the upcoming track season the superintendent is excited for meets to be held at the facility. Which have not been held there for several years because of poor track conditions.

Any future renovations have been discussed but will not be something that is done soon.

“Right now we have to be very careful with our financial standings and make sure that we are doing things that need to be updated and upgraded. I think it’s very important that we think strategically about the projects that need to be done like the press box, the field house, concession stand, and new bathrooms. All of those things have been discussed, but there is no commitment to doing it in the short term,” said Aiken.


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New stadium now open to public
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