Parents desperate to hear from missing Charlotte-area football player

Parents desperate to hear from missing Charlotte-area football player


Parents desperate to hear from missing Charlotte-area football player


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — They’ve barely slept a second. Their phones are fully charged.

More than 48 hours have passed since John and Sarah Kocmond last saw their 16-year-old son Nathan.

“We want you to reach out to us. We pray that you have a change of heart and come home to us,” pleaded John. “We want to hug you. We want to see you. We want to talk to you again.”

Nathan is the middle of three Kocmond children. He’s a junior at Providence Day School, where he plays defensive back and special teams for the Chargers.

His father said six weeks ago, Nathan sustained a concussion.

“He has been having severe headaches and depression because of that [concussion],” John said.

Nathan transferred to Providence Day from Providence High School prior to his junior year. John says the injury took a toll on his son.

“He is missing his football team, not able to engage with his classmates the way he wanted to and that’s probably made him feel a little lonely as well,” he explained.

Nathan was last seen leaving home on Monday at 3:30 p.m. in his 2011 Silver Honda CR-V, which has an Auburn and FR sticker on the back window.

He was wearing a green Led Zeppelin shirt and red Adidas shorts, clad with the signature white stripes.

“You honestly have no idea what this feels like, the unknowing of where your child is. It’s very, very hard,” Sarah said, tears rolling down her face.

CMPD is handling the investigation, the Kocmond’s have also hired a private investigator and are offering $5,000 to anyone who comes forward with helpful information.

“We know the power of prayer and all that it can do,” said Sarah.

He has his cell phone with him, but John says it is turned off. They are desperate to hear from their missing son.

“We know he’s unhappy and we know he is sad and we want him to contact us to let us know he’s OK.”


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