Pine-Richland discriminating against its own students

Pine-Richland discriminating against its own students


Pine-Richland discriminating against its own students


On September 12 the Pine-Richland School Board voted on which bathrooms transgender students were allowed to use. The 5-4 vote decided that transgender students must use either their birth-gender bathroom or a unisex bathroom. Additionally, the decision also declared students must use the locker room of their birth gender. In response to this, three openly transgender students affected by this new policy sued the school board in hopes of a reversal of this vote and are currently waiting on a judge’s decision.

Here is my open letter to the Pine-Richland School Board.

Dear Pine-Richland School Board:

Firstly, congratulations on getting sued. You must be very proud of your ability to mess up so awfully that legal action had to be brought upon you.

Secondly, I’m happy to see that instead of fixing your mistake, you’re continuing to waste tax dollars on a lawsuit that could have been avoided instead of using that money for bettering the quality of your education policies and buildings.

So tell me, why are you forcing boys to go into the girls room and girls to go into the boys room?

Your vote of 5-4 that literally had nothing to do with you, you decided to force transgender students to use either a unisex bathroom or the bathroom of the birth gender.

This mistake of forcing transgender students into their birth gender bathroom and locker room due to a complaint from a student over feelings of discomfort over a transgender girl using the girl’s bathroom that led to a trail of “what ifs…” has caused outrage not only in your community, but nationally as well.

“The findings make it really crystal clear there is more work to do. The challenges and tragedies that transgender people face every day is unacceptable,” stated Mara Keisling, the director for the National Center for Transgender Equality, in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporters on December 8.

You have made the life of the three openly transgender students more difficult and confusing and you have discouraged other students from feeling safe to come out and be who they truly are. Not only have you segregated a group of people, you have made everyone else involved uncomfortable and angry.

Why do you think you have the right to determine who these people are? Why do you think you have the right to bring hellish experiences to transgender students through your segregation.

You are the people that are slammed and shamed when specials on national news sites are released because of your segregation which has caused mental scarring by denying students rights.

This is about more than just a bathroom. This is about inequalities transgender people face.  

You have been ignorant. This whole ordeal has shown how little you care about education by focussing on something as minuscule as who uses which bathroom. Get your priorities in check and maybe you won’t get sued again.


Kaitlin Parente


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