Q&A with Nathan Towles from Vacation Manor

Q&A with Nathan Towles from Vacation Manor


Q&A with Nathan Towles from Vacation Manor


Vacation Manor, a three piece band from Lynchburg, VA, released their first EP in April 2016 and are preparing to release new music soon. Cole Young, drummer, Dane Spearman, bassist, and Nathan Towles, guitarist and vocalist, have been in the band since 2014 and have big plans for their future. Nathan Towles agreed to answer a few questions for the “Oracle” and share some insight on how the band formed.

How did the band start?

I was good friends with our former guitarist Josh and we were playing music around the area in coffee shops. We never really tried to make our own music. We were from Washington D.C. and I had been down to Lynchburg, VA for a music fest where I had met Dane and Cole. A few months later we got together in October 2014 for battle of the bands.

It was very movie like. So I initially decided to do battle of the bands and see what happens. I had one song written and we had a four song set where we could do one cover. I called the guys up and I said, “Hey, I know you barely know me, but if I pay you to come [to D.C.], will you?” So they were like, “Yeah, sure, why not?” They got to my house on that Saturday pretty late and we practiced until late. I had one and a half songs written at the time so we worked a lot that night.

We all hit it off super well and I remember we got to the battle of the bands and we couldn’t figure out a name for our band on the spot. We knew that we all gelled really well and practiced well together. and we won and then we were were like, “Let’s make more music!” and I was like, “Let make this a thing.”

Your original band name was Native Spirit. How did you come up with your original name?

Native Spirit was our first band name. So Dane was in a band called Native Blood and it was pure rock n’ roll. That band broke up and the name was partly taken from them. Then spirit, I have no idea where it came from. But that’s how it changed, because it didn’t fit us. We played for a year and a half and then we changed it in March.

What was it changed to and why?

Originally when we came out with our first couple of songs, people would tell us it was very “beachy”. Somehow, “vacation” came to mind. There was this song “Vacation Vacation” by U.S. Royalty and we always listen to it while preparing for shows. It was kind of nostalgic. The rest of the band live in Lynchburg, VA and I’m in Maryland so it was our weekend get away as a band. So Vacation Manor stuck because it holds a part of our story.

Who are your main influences?

We all have different influences and we generally like the same types of music. For me personally, my influences are The Killers, Bahamas, Roman Candle and Young the Giant is a big influence for all of us. The other guys have other influences and that definitely comes in when they write, but over all for the band Young the Giant is really big.

Which venue is your favorite to play at?

My favorite venue ever is U Street Music Hall in Washington D.C. because that’s where I grew up and that’s where I was able to see some of my favorite shows ever.

What was your most memorable show?

My favorite show was our hometown show this year in Lynchburg, VA. Our friends do a music festival called “Lynchstock”, which is a play on words from “Woodstock”. That show was our EP release show. It also wasn’t really until this summer that we really started getting on the road a bit, so that was all of our songs being played live for the first time really.

What can we expect from Vacation Manor in 2017?

A whole lot more music. You’re not going to have to wait a year, though. We’ve been working on a lot of new stuff this winter and we’re very excited to share!

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