Recruiting Tip: 5 minutes can simplify your recruiting journey

Recruiting Tip: 5 minutes can simplify your recruiting journey

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Recruiting Tip: 5 minutes can simplify your recruiting journey


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The college recruiting process can be overwhelming, with nearly 2,000 colleges to choose from and many factors to consider.  For those reasons, breaking the process down into short tasks makes a lot of sense. Really, to get started you might have to commit an hour or two to determine the right schools to target and another hour to develop a workable recruiting game plan, but after that you can break down the process into short, easy tasks.  Here are 5 things that won’t take you more than 5 minutes, but should move you closer to playing at the next level.

1. Send one email a night to a college coach

Take 5 minutes, 3 nights a week and send an email to a college coach at a school you are really interested in attending. Make sure you proof it and make sure you express specific interest in the program, but reaching out to one college coach a night will go a long way toward finding a college scholarship.

2. Research the colleges you are interested in

Picking a college isn’t a 4-year decision; it’s a 40-year decision. You really need to choose the college that is a good fit overall if you want to have the best college experience. You have to be comfortable with the atmosphere, the location, the school size, the cost and perhaps most importantly you need to make sure they offer the major you want to study.

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It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes per school to do a little reconnaissance about the colleges on your list. You’d be amazed the kind of information that is available online. You can check on things like average class size, available financial aid and even boy-girl ratio! The point is, make sure you are going to be happy at the school even if athletics doesn’t work out.

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3. Review the team rosters for the colleges you are considering

Nearly every college website in the country has the team roster available and most can be sorted by position and graduation class. In less than 5 minutes you can review the team roster and the incoming recruiting class to get a pretty good idea if they might have a spot for you. With a little work, you should be able to target schools that actually need a player like you.

4. Ask your coach to be involved

An endorsement from your current coach can go a long way toward landing a college scholarship. Your coach’s opinion about your abilities, work ethic and character will be important to every college coach. Take 5 minutes and ask your current coach to reach out to a few schools on your behalf, but don’t expect them to find your scholarship for you. That isn’t in their job description.

5. Sign up for an SAT or ACT review course

Unless you already have a stellar standardized test score then signing up for a review course makes a lot of sense. And it might be the best decision you ever make to further your athletic and academic careers. It’s only logical that the more schools you qualify for academically, the more options you will have athletically.

Here’s the deal

If you break down the college recruiting process into short, simple 5 minute tasks it’s not that difficult and it should pay big dividends. Five minutes is longer than you think!


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