Recruiting Tip: Your role in your recruiting efforts

Recruiting Tip: Your role in your recruiting efforts


Recruiting Tip: Your role in your recruiting efforts


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Two weeks ago we talked about your parent’s role in college recruitingLast week we discussed how your coach can be involved.  This week let’s talk about your role in the college recruiting process.

I am a firm believer that YOU are your best recruiting resource.  There is no one better to pick your college than you.  Don’t expect your parents to take care of it for you, don’t ask your coach to find your college, and don’t expect a college coach to magically find you from an online profile.

In a college coach’s eyes if you hand off your recruiting process, or leave it to chance you appear lazy, entitled and/or disinterested.  Wouldn’t you rather do it yourself, be proactive and be considered assertive, confident and/or self-motivated?

Think about it this way, at some point you will have to talk to the coaching staff at the colleges who are interested in you.  It will make a much better first impression if you took the initiative to make first contact.  That means you need to make the commitment to doing whatever it takes for college coaches to notice you.

Take the time to fill out the recruiting questionnaires on college websites.  Research the programs you are most interested in.  Then be creative and strategic when you reach out to the coaches.  Send an email, connect on Twitter, sign up for a camp, or pick up the phone and give them a call.

When you send an email to a coach, personalize it if you can.  For example, congratulate him or her on a great season, or mention something specific about the school.  When you sign up for a camp, send an email notifying the coaches you will be attending, introduce yourself while you are there, thank them before you leave and then send a follow up email a few days later.  Think about each step of your recruiting process and try to maximize your exposure.

The college recruiting process is about introducing yourself to the right coaches and developing a dialogue with them so you can pursue your goal.

My best advice is to be proactive, be confident and be yourself.


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