Solution to pitch count limits: Extend the season?

Solution to pitch count limits: Extend the season?


Solution to pitch count limits: Extend the season?


Among the challenges of the pitch count limits in high school baseball — especially in states without ideal weather — usually boil down to this: Too many games in too few days with too few arms.

To potentially help alleviate that issue, the governing body in Ohio is considering extending the season by two weeks beginning in 2019, according to A vote could come June 1.

If approved, the season would begin March 23 and end with the state tournament June 13-15. Extending the season would allow for more regular season games with the postseason starting later.

Each state could adapt its own interpretation of the National Federation of State High School Association rule on pitch count. Ohio has a limit of 125 pitches per outing and a mandatory rest day when a pitcher throws at least 30 pitches.

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Schools with smaller rosters have fewer options for pitchers. Fewer games also might allow teams to practice during the regular season and potentially develop more pitchers.

According to WPCO, one provision of Ohio’s proposal is that it would impact baseball and softball because officials say many baseball and softball teams play games at the same site and travel together. It also would require district and regional sites to be available for games.

If Ohio adopts the extended schedule, will other states follow? Is this a good solution to help protect pitcher’s arms and still allow for competitive games and complete seasons?

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