The Damon Harge Jr. Blog: Season-ending injury, new mentality, Sleepless movie and more

The Damon Harge Jr. Blog: Season-ending injury, new mentality, Sleepless movie and more

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The Damon Harge Jr. Blog: Season-ending injury, new mentality, Sleepless movie and more


Christ School’s (Arden, N.C.) Damon Harge Jr. is one of the most well-known high school basketball players on YouTube with more than 15 million views on his highlight videos; and it’s been that way since he was 11. Harge, one of the top point guards in the 2018 class, helped Orlando Christian Prep (Orlando, Fla.) win a state title as an eighth grader and holds offers from high major schools. Now he’s agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

Damon Harge

What’s up world, it’s Damon Harge back with my seventh blog and I’ve gotta update you guys on what’s been going on with me.

I’ve had to go through a lot in the last few weeks. Right now I’m out for the rest of the season with a partially torn MCL.

I was playing in a tournament in Tennessee and I got fouled hard going up for a shot and the guy landed on my back. My knee was bent up under me and that’s what caused the tear.

The doctor told me to sit out for 6-8 weeks.

I had been really depressed and down and just not mentally into basketball or anything really since I got hurt. Just having it taken away from me was hard for me.

Then I had a really good talk with my first trainer and he really gave me some things to think about. I thought about Kyrie Irving going through his injury in college and how he bounced back and how he kept working and Kyrie is like a big brother to me.

It basically lit a fire under me and helped me to get things back on track mentally.

I feel like this happened as a part of God’s plan and I accept it.

I’ve been in the gym every day at 5 a.m. just going hard with the weights then shooting later in the day. Then I’ll do rehab; I’m just trying to get back so I can be ready.

I’m doing two-a-days because this is what I love to do!

I’m getting my drive back and just changing my whole focus.

I’ve been watching old videos of Isiah Thomas and I’ve come off of social media and everything.

I’ve noticed that some schools have backed off a little since my injury so I’m dedicated to proving everyone wrong.

With my recruitment, I’m just taking it as a clean slate.

This summer will determine everything for me so that’s what I’m putting everything in to.

I’ll be running with the Southern Stampede and I’m excited! I’m hungry. I want to lead my team to the Peach Jam and I think my coach will let me play my game because he knows I’m coming hard.

I still support my high school team 100 percent.

I’m still at every practice and go to every game.

If we make a deep run in the playoffs it’s possible that I could come back, but we’ll see.

It’s hard because I was just starting to turn everything around. I had 24 against Wesleyan Christian and we won. The next game I had 20 and the game after that I had 17.

Then the game that I got hurt, I had the first eight points of the game.

I’m not dwelling on it though, I’ll just pick up where I left off in summer ball.

I saw the McDonald’s All American announcement and I’m proud of all of the guys that got picked, but I thought a few guys got robbed; guys like Matt Coleman, Tremont Waters and Chris Lykes.

I love smaller guards because we have it the hardest. We’re usually slept on, but it only motivates us to go even harder.

I hope that’s not me next year; I just want to make it clear on the court this summer that I’m one of the best in my class, period.

OK stepping away from that, I want to tell you guys that I saw the movie Sleepless last week and it was great! It was one of the best action movies I’ve seen in a while and I’d definitely recommend it!

OK guys, I’ve gotta get outta here, but thanks for reading my blog and thanks for following me this year.

I’ll be back with another update soon.  

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