The Kevin Murray football era at Woodland Hills has ended before it began

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The Kevin Murray football era at Woodland Hills has ended before it began

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The Kevin Murray football era at Woodland Hills has ended before it began


When Woodland Hills (Pa.) hired Kevin Murray as its new head football coach the move was immediately met with a significant amount of scorn and indignation. There was no mystery what they were lashing out against; Murray was accused of threatening a 14-year-old special education student and overseeing a security force that knocked out the tooth of another student during an altercation.

Those complaints didn’t alter the Woodland Hills school board’s decision to appoint Murray, but did set the stage for Murray’s eventual resignation in August. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the same school board that previously confirmed Murray with a 5-4 vote elected to accept his resignation as principal and football coach of the school Wednesday.

Murray recently announced a decision to resign to avoid being a “distraction” for the Woodland Hills players. While that may have been Murray’s motivation, there were other procedural issues facing Murray’s new roles as well; according to the Post-Gazette, Murray had been on administrative leave since July 1 because of a lapse in his Pennsylvania state administrator’s certification.

The principal and coach had allegedly already applied for a five-year renewal of the license, but no decision had been made by state education authorities.

Murray’s impromptu departure officially ends his tenure before it began at the school. That is likely to please members of the Woodland Hills community, who immediately voiced their displeasure with Murray’s hiring in a Tribune-Review poll in April; according to the results of that poll, 82 percent of respondents felt the hiring of Murray was a, “bad move.”

Per the Post-Gazette, assistant principal Candee Nagy will serve as the Woodland Hills substitute principal during an ongoing search. Tim Bostard, scheduled to serve as an assistant coach, will instead be the interim football coach for the program for the forthcoming season.


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