The Mental Game: The four pillars of mental toughness

The Mental Game: The four pillars of mental toughness

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The Mental Game: The four pillars of mental toughness

By is founded by Shayne McGowan, based on the concept of creating a superior standard of training for athletes on and off the field. McGowan is a certified mental game coaching professional. He has studied a Cal State university and has played football in college and briefly in the pros. He is a member of Coaches of Canada and NCCP certified, has 30 years fitness background as a trainer. He has done interviews on Fox Sports Radio, CBS Sports Radio, NFL Spin Zone, NFL Showtime, BlogTalkRadio and writes for Train fitness magazine.

To realize your full potential as an athlete, you have to start training your mind just as much as you physically train your body! Just as you develop physical skills and techniques, you must also learn to develop these mental skills.

These are the four pillars of Mental Toughness that all athletes need to develop and train to excel in their sport, as well as in life.

Confidence (self-belief)

  • having an unshakable belief in your ability to achieve your goals.
  • believing in your unique talents and trusting in yourself.
  • believing that you can overcome obstacles that are placed in your way.


  • pushing yourself beyond abilities.
  • working hard ( harder then anyone else).
  • your refusal to give up.

Concentration (total focus)

  • remaining totally focused on your task.
  • not being distracted by your surroundings.
  • always remaining in control of your yourself, despite any unexpected or uncontrollable events.

Coping with pressure

  • deep breaths, staying relaxed and calm under pressure.
  • think of the anxious/anxiety your feeling as positive excitement to do great.
  • maintain your focus and make quick decisions under pressure.

Learn to trust in yourself and see where your talents can take you.


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