The Michael Porter Jr. Blog: Winning states again, season highlights, Washington and more

The Michael Porter Jr. Blog: Winning states again, season highlights, Washington and more

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The Michael Porter Jr. Blog: Winning states again, season highlights, Washington and more


Michael Porter Jr. is ranked No. 1 overall in the ESPN 100 and after dominating his senior season and leading Nathan Hale (Seattle) to a state title and the No. 1 ranking in the USA Today Super 25. Porter, who’s already signed to Washington, has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

What’s up world, it’s Mike P. back with another blog; hope y’all enjoy!

Well, I’m a state champion again!

I said in my blog before the season started that I wanted to win two state titles back-to-back in two different states and we got it done last weekend.

It was an amazing atmosphere; there were more than 10,000 people there and everyone was hype!

We played Garfield and we’d already beaten them a couple of times this year, but they were still the team to beat in-state and we had formed a rivalry with them this season.

I was going against my future teammates at Washington in Daejon Davis and Jaylen Nowell and in the first half we couldn’t get it going offensively.

We came out sluggish and it was just a defensive struggle all around. I only had 10 points in the first half. We got it going in the second half and we came out and really fought hard. I had 18 points and ended up with 28 points and 17 rebounds and we ended up winning by almost 20 points.

It was a crazy, emotional win for us.

Coach B. Roy had never won a state title and we were playing against his alma mater. It’s hard to describe the feeling when we won. There were a lot of tears of happiness!

It’s crazy to think that Nathan Hale was 3-18 last year and this year we’re No. 1 in the Super 25 and state champs.

It’s crazy because when I found out I was moving to Washington, the school Nathan Hale wasn’t even in the discussion for the schools that I could end up at, but as time went on I started to think about the chance to do something special there. It all ended up working out for the best and it’s really special that I was a part of something that almost never happens anywhere.

When I think about the highlights of the year for me, I think there are about three that are tied at No. 1.

First, the big win at the Les Schwab! We didn’t know how good we could be until that tournament and we really found out there beating Sierra Canyon, who was No. 1 at the time.

Then the win against Oak Hill. That was major because everyone knows them and they’re the defending champs and Steve Smith is a coaching legend. The last one would be winning the state championship. It was the second time for me and my brother and first time for my little brother and we got one for B. Roy!

Of course I keep close tabs on my Huskies too!

It’s been a little bit of a struggle this year; we haven’t been playing as well as we’d like to but I think they’ll be fine. I look at it like it’s another opportunity for me and the guys coming in to go in and make our mark and bring Washington basketball back to the top. I could’ve gone to Kentucky and just been another name, but I wanted to go to Washington and potentially be a legend.

School has been going great for me this year. I’ve got all A’s and I’m keeping the books a priority.

I took the SAT last week and I hate standardized tests like that, but I feel good about how I did.

Of course I can’t wait to play in the McDonald’s All American Game, the Jordan Brand Classic and the Nike Hoop Summit. Just being able to go out and play with all of these great players will be fun so I’m really looking forward to that.

OK, I appreciate you guys reading my blog and I’ll be back soon.


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