The Olivia Nelson-Ododa Blog: Sitting out of summer ball, 'Get Out' and more

The Olivia Nelson-Ododa Blog: Sitting out of summer ball, 'Get Out' and more

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The Olivia Nelson-Ododa Blog: Sitting out of summer ball, 'Get Out' and more


Winder-Barrow (Winder, Ga.) forward Olivia Nelson-Ododa is the top ranked player in the ESPN HoopGurlz 100 for 2018 and has everyone from Connecticut to South Carolina to Maryland and many others all giving chase. Now Nelson-Ododa has agreed to give USA TODAY exclusive access into her world by chronicling everything from intimate details about her recruitment to her everyday life in a blog.

Hey y’all I’m back with my second blog so here we go!

Well, just to update you guys on my injury the doctor said that I tore my MPFL ligament on the side of my knee and I dislocated my kneecap so they went in arthroscopically to remove a piece.

Yeah, not good.

Recovery time is 4-6 months so more than likely I’ll be taking the summer off. Right after surgery I started rehab and I’ve been doing that ever since. The plan, like I said, is to sit out, but if I come back earlier it’ll be because I know that I’m at 100 percent.

I’m not rushing anything though.

When they first told me I was definitely upset about it; I was kind of in denial.

Then I came to realize that if I want to get back to 100 percent I had to shake it off and go hard in rehab so that’s what I’m focused on right now.

In a way I feel like this all happened for a reason; I may not be sure about everything, but I know that it’s making more mentally tough. I feel like I’m already growing in that area having gone through everything already.

I know I’ve got a long road ahead, but I want to really grow mentally in this time off and I know that will make me an even more complete player.

The college coaches that are recruiting me have been reaching out since the news got out that I was going to be out with the injury. They’ve been really supportive offering a lot of advice and sending me inspirational quotes often.

One coach told me about how she’d gone through multiple surgeries and how it taught her how to persevere and fight through mentally. That was encouraging.

They’ve all been really helpful.

I’m off crutches now and I’m in a knee brace. I’m doing a lot better with walking on my own now so that’s progress. I’m also drinking more protein shakes, just trying to gain muscle back in my legs. I lost a lot since the injury so I’m working on that.

A few weeks back I went to North Carolina on an unofficial to see them play against Duke, which was a great game. The next day I went to Duke for an unofficial.

I had a great time on both visits.

Of course it’s March Madness so here are my Final 4 picks for the women’s tournament: UConn, South Carolina, Notre Dame and Stanford.

I think UConn is gonna win it all again. It’s hard to pick against them with the run they’re having.

School is going good; I’m just trying to catch up with the time I missed with the surgery.

Oh and I saw the movie Get Out and it was good! I’d definitely recommend you guys checking it out if you haven’t already.

OK everyone, thanks again for reading my blog. I’ll be back soon to update you on everything that’s going on with me.

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