The Trevon Duval Blog: D-Day approaching, prom, DirtyHunnit and more

The Trevon Duval Blog: D-Day approaching, prom, DirtyHunnit and more

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The Trevon Duval Blog: D-Day approaching, prom, DirtyHunnit and more


Trevon Duval is the No. 1 point guard and No. 5 overall player in the ESPN 100. Last summer his peers awarded him Best Handles hardware for his dominance during the AAU season and this past summer he dominated the competition like no other. The IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.) star is down to Duke, Kansas, Seton Hall, Baylor and Arizona. Now he’s agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

What’s up basketball world, Tricky Trey is back!

It’s been a fun last few weeks for me with the McDonald’s All American Game, the Jordan Brand Game and the Nike Hoop Summit. Everything went even better than I expected.

All three were dreams of mine and for me to be able to accomplish that made me happy.

It was A LOT of traveling though!

Now this weekend I’ve got the BallIsLife All-American Game and I’m very excited for that. It’s in LA and it’s been a pretty popular game and it’s loaded this year so check me out in that one.

Of course I still have my decision to get out of the way and I should be making that pretty soon.

I won’t lie I just want to get this thing over with.

At this point I don’t even really care about how I let everyone know, but my dad keeps telling me that it should be memorable and something that no one has ever done.

Basically it’ll be remembered and the way I announce should reflect me as a person and everything that I’ve been through to this point.

This is such a big decision!

I’ve cut down talks with the coaches a lot at this point too; there’s not much they can say to convince me now, but I still talk to them to let them know that I haven’t completely cut them off.

I haven’t been talking to the media because it’s stressful enough and then you’ve got guys asking the same questions over and over. It’s nothing personal, I just needed to clear my mind and answering the same questions just doesn’t help me do that.

Like I said, the decision is coming soon so stay tuned!

On another note, I had prom last week and it was fun!

It was my first prom for my school and it was at the Ritz Carlton on the water so it was really good scenery. Of course you know my date was A-1 too! Haha!

Oh I want to tell y’all about this new song that we all got put on to at Jordan Brand called Ball by DirtyHunnit! It definitely bumps so check that one out.

OK everybody I’m gonna get outta here, but thanks again for reading. I’ll get back with later and again stay tuned for my decision.

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