The Trevon Duval Blog: Duke and Kansas visits, DICK's Nationals and more

The Trevon Duval Blog: Duke and Kansas visits, DICK's Nationals and more

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The Trevon Duval Blog: Duke and Kansas visits, DICK's Nationals and more


Trevon Duval is the No. 1 point guard and No. 4 overall player in the ESPN 100. Last summer his peers awarded him Best Handles hardware for his dominance during the AAU season and this past summer he dominated the competition like no other. The IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.) star is down to Duke, Kansas, Seton Hall, Baylor and Arizona. Now he’s agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

Trevon Duval

What’s up world, Tricky Trey is back!

I’ve had two officials since my last blog; I went to Kansas and then I went to Duke.

First was Kansas and I got there on a Friday and the first thing we did was grab something to eat and then we went to see the practice. After that we had dinner with the coaches and their wives. Then they had a film session because it was the night before the game.

On Saturday, it was gameday and that was also the day that we talked to all of the academic people and went to see the weight room. They had this machine that records all of the players’ weaknesses and things like that. I’d never seen anything like that, but it was cool.

I met the trainer that everyone talks about Andrea Hudy and she was really good at what she does.

The game was crazy! Really crazy!

I don’t think I’ve ever been in an atmosphere that loud before in my life. I think they’re the loudest fans in the country! I loved it.

They didn’t chant my name or anything, but they were into the game.

My family and I got the chance to talk to Coach (Bill) Self to clear up any questions we had and just to get on the same page about what they want and need out of me.

I definitely feel like we left on the same page.

I would say the visit was a 10 out of 10.

On the first day of the Duke visit, we went and got food and then we went to their practice. This time they had uniforms, which is different than when I went there a few weeks ago because at that time Coach K wasn’t having it!

After practice they had a pep rally and all of the Cameron Crazies were there and Coach K and then some of the players talked to the students. That was cool to see.

After that my parents and I talked to Coach K and Coach Capel and all of the coaches and they really broke down how I would fit in there and their plans for me.

I could tell that they were genuine and they meant what they were saying. It’s attractive when I have Coach K telling me that I’m gonna have the keys in my hand.

Then on Saturday was the big game against North Carolina.

We went to this place called Dame’s Chicken & Waffles, which was great! That ended up putting me down later that day! Haha.

Before the game I saw all of the fans camping out, which was pretty crazy!

The game was lit!

The Duke-Carolina game is really big for basketball.

Just to be in that environment was big for me. It definitely lived up to the hype. The whole bottom section of fans is all students. They stood up the whole time and they were really creative.

They kept chanting for me and asking me to come and sit with them, but I just smiled! I wanted to go, but that might’ve been an automatic commitment right there! Haha!

They were having fun!

Duke ended up winning the game so after the game the campus was lit! We had a good time hanging out that night.

Sunday we all had breakfast with the coaches and talked about the game and everything. There wasn’t any pressure.

That was definitely a 10 too!

I go to Arizona this weekend then I’ll be at Baylor and I have to set a date for the Seton Hall visit.

After that I’m planning to take some time and have a long talk with my parents, think about it, see what other people do and see how March Madness goes then I’ll decide from there.

I don’t think I’ll commit before the McDonald’s All American Game.

OK switching over to my season things are going great. We finished 28-1 and we’re No. 4 in the USA Today Super 25.

So now we’re waiting to see if we get into the DICK’s Nationals.

I definitely know that we have a great chance to win it all! We’ve got all the pieces, we just need a chance to get it done!

I just took the ACT last weekend and I’m feeling really good about it! I’m praying I did as well as I think.

OK, I’ve seen two movies recently: Rings and Split.

I would give Split a thumbs up! I would give Rings like a thumb to the side. Haha.

Let me know what you guys think if you check ‘em out.

OK everybody, that’s another blog in the books; I appreciate you reading it and check back soon because I’ll be back with another one.

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The Trevon Duval Blog: Duke and Kansas visits, DICK's Nationals and more
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