The Wendell Carter Jr. Blog: New Zealand trip, ready for Duke and more

The Wendell Carter Jr. Blog: New Zealand trip, ready for Duke and more

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The Wendell Carter Jr. Blog: New Zealand trip, ready for Duke and more


Wendell Carter Jr. is ranked No. 4 overall in the ESPN 100 and is signed to Duke. Carter has won two gold medals with USA Basketball (U16, U17), helped the Georgia Stars win the prestigious Nike Peach Jam and won back-to-back state titles in route to being named Morgan Wootten Player of the Year. Now, Carter is writing the last USA TODAY HSS blog entry of his high school career.

What’s up world!

Sadly this is my last blog, but you know I’ve gotta go out with a bang, so let’s get it!

I actually graduated a week ago and it was definitely bittersweet. I know I’ll miss my high school years because it really prepared me in all aspects for the next step, but I’m ready for the next stage at Duke.

After graduation I had a dinner with my family and then last week I had a graduation party, so I got to have some fun with my friends.

I don’t report to Duke until July 7 so I’ll just be working hard to get ready for next season. I’m in New Zealand right now with my school. I actually know some people out here so I’ll be able to get some workouts in. I’ll be here until June 13. It’s exciting!

I think my family and a few of my friends may be taking a trip to Las Vegas before I go to school too. I hope we do, I know that would be a good time.

When I look back on my high school days some of the things that I know I’ll remember for the rest of my life is winning back-to-back state titles, all of my moments with winning with USA Basketball and my 10th grade English teacher is someone I’ll never forget too.

Like I said, a part of it is sad that this part of my life is over, but I’m so excited about getting to go to a school like Duke and make some new memories.

I have a great feeling about our team next year; we’ve got a great variety of unselfish players that want to buy-in to win. We’ve got experience with Grayson Allen and Marques Bolden and our class is really strong too. It’s big that we have a point guard like Trevon (Duval) too! I’ve known him since I was 12 and he’s always been so unselfish and, as good as he is, he loves to get his teammates involved first. He can score whenever he wants, but he can make everyone better and that’s what’s really gonna make us strong. When he drops it off to me he won’t be disappointed with the results!

OK everyone, this is weird that I’m gonna be ending my blog for the last time, but I want to first thank USA Today for giving me the opportunity to keep this blog with them! We’ve had a lot of great moments and I also want to thank all of the fans that have supported me throughout my career.

I hope you’ll follow me and continue to support me next season too.

Thanks again for reading for the last year or so!

Peace out!

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The Wendell Carter Jr. Blog: New Zealand trip, ready for Duke and more
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