The Zion Williamson Blog: In-homes with Coach Roy Williams and Coach K, kickin' it with Quavo

The Zion Williamson Blog: In-homes with Coach Roy Williams and Coach K, kickin' it with Quavo

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The Zion Williamson Blog: In-homes with Coach Roy Williams and Coach K, kickin' it with Quavo


If there were high school rankings for popularity, Zion Williamson would hold down the top spot in a landslide. His propensity for jaw-dropping plays and posterizing dunks has taken the country by storm. Williamson is the No. 2 overall player in the ESPN 60 for 2018 and has a resume that could hold up to any player in the country, regardless of class. Williamson took home Co-MVP of the prestigious NBPA Top 100 Camp after leading his team to the title then won MVP of the Elite 24, where he also took home slam dunk championship hardware. Williamson led Spartanburg Day School (Spartanburg, S.C.) to a state title last season and repeated as state champs this season; now he’s got everyone from Duke to North Carolina to Kansas, among many others, all giving chase. Now Williamson has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

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What’s up world, I’m Zion and thanks for coming to check out part 4 of my blog!

Well, we’ve officially started the spring/summer season and I’m with a new team now. I’m running with SC Supreme and we’re on the adidas circuit.

Our first tournament was last week in Arkansas and we played great.

We won the first game and I finished with 47 points, but we ended up losing our last game.

Still, we had a good tournament overall; definitely a good way to start off and get used to each other.

The next time I play will be in Dallas for the first stop at the adidas Gauntlet April 21-23.

I’m a little biased but I definitely feel like adidas is the strongest circuit.

I think our team can make a lot of noise on the circuit this year too.

We’ve got Drue Drinnon and my teammate that everyone knows, Chandler Lindsey; then we’ve got a bunch of really solid bigs and wings. I think we’ve got a great team and I’m expecting a lot this year.

My recruitment is going pretty cool; I got a call from Coach (Roy) Williams about two days after they won the national title; he said he wanted everything to die down first. He told me that if I come there the same thing would happen for me.

I had him over my house last weekend for an in-home and we had a good time. He came with Coach (Hubert) Davis and the first thing he did was pull out his ring collection from when he was at Kansas and now at North Carolina and there were definitely lot of rings.

He told me he wore his ring from last year all throughout the NCAA Tournament this year. Then he showed me a ring from the 92-93 Bulls championship that Michael Jordan had made him a replica of. He told me if I work hard enough I could accomplish something like that too.

We talked a lot about basketball, but mostly it was about family and how choosing North Carolina would make me a part of that family and how it would change my life.

He showed us a video that I thought was cool too about how after every game in this year’s tournament he would always write the number of teams left after every win. He’d write 32 then 16 then 8 then 4 then 2 and he said, “Out of all the teams in America we made it to the championship game and that’s an honor in and of itself!” I liked that.

They stayed about an hour. It was a really good visit. I’d have to give it a 10 because he’d just won a national championship and he took the time to come and see me. That’s a blessing!

I got an offer from Kentucky recently too.

Coach Cal and assistant Coach Joel (Justus) came to my school and watched me workout and afterward they told me they wanted to offer me and how they wanted to help me achieve my dream of playing in the NBA and becoming one of the greatest players to play.

It was an honor to get the offer from them, and really it’s an honor to have all of these offers. My parents always tell me never to forget how many kids would love to be in my position so I never take this stuff for granted.

I had Coach K for an in-home this weekend too.

It was the day after the in-home with North Carolina. They showed up with a full house! I mean they brought everyone; Coach K, Coach (Jeff) Capel, Coach (Jon) Scheyer and Coach (Nate) James. That was big for me. They said they wanted to show me how important a player I was to them and they definitely did that.

We talked about how choosing Duke could mean a lot to me well after basketball because of the brand it is. Then we talked about life at Duke and Coach K said that since they don’t have athletic dorms you get to know all of the students really well.

At a school like Duke, it’s tough to get in, so he said you never know who you could be living with. You might be on the hall with a person who will be President one day or a brain surgeon or something like that.

I already felt like we had a close relationship, but Coach K said he wants our relationship to be even deeper.

I’m all for it.

They talked a lot about the brotherhood at Duke too and how it’s a family there.

They said they know that I’m getting a lot of people that are wanting me to stay in state and Coach Scheyer talked to me about the pressure he faced from people wanting him to stay in Illinois. He said, at the end of the day, you have to do what’s right for you. It was a cool perspective.

I’d definitely give that visit a 10! They stayed about an hour and a half. We had a good time.

I will definitely say that I was proud to see South Carolina’s run to the Final Four with me being from here. Most people think that we’re just a football state, but with what Coach (Frank) Martin and Coach (Dawn) Staley were able to accomplish this year I think it shows that we’ve got great basketball in the state too.

Coach Martin told me that, with a player like me, he feels confident that we could get back to where they were and even further if I were to come there.

Since my last blog, when I talked about my relationship with Drake and how we’re cool and keep in touch, a lot of people have asked me about that. We’re still keeping in touch and he’s still planning to come out to a tournament to see me play this summer. I’ve also got cool with Quavo recently too.

Basically, I was on Instagram Live and I saw someone comment and I clicked on the profile and saw that it was him. Then I noticed he followed me! That was crazy because I’m a big fan.

So we exchanged numbers and we started texting and keeping in touch.

He said he’s gonna get out to my games this summer too so I’m looking forward to that.

With school, it’s coming down to the end of the year and I’m just trying to finish up strong. Nothing has changed about my two favorite subjects though; still History and English.

OK, I’d definitely tell everyone to go check out Drake’s new album More Life, especially the last song Do Not Disturb. The last four lines go like this:

My life is centered ’round competition and currency

Takin’ summer off, ’cause they tell me I need recovery

Maybe gettin’ back to my regular life will humble me

I’ll be back in 2018 to give you the summary

More Life

That right there should influence people to go listen to that album!

OK world, this is the end for part 4 of my blog and you know I’ll be back soon with part 5!

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The Zion Williamson Blog: In-homes with Coach Roy Williams and Coach K, kickin' it with Quavo
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