Three arrested after Florida basketball game devolves into melee

A Florida basketball game was the scene of a frightening fight in the stands, which ballooned until it spilled on to the court and forced the temporary stopping of the ongoing game.

As reported by Florida ABC affiliate WEAR, among other local sources, Montoyia Tillman and Patricia Beamon began fighting in the stands during a game between Bozeman School and Chipley. As deputies headed into the stands and attempted to separate the two women, the son of Patricia Beamon, Padryck Beamon, entered the fray and began attacking both Tillman and the officials.

From there, more bystanders became involved and the brawl eventually spilled on to the court itself, temporarily halting the game.

According to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, all three were charged with disorderly conduct following the brawl, and were booked for the offense. The game was able to resume, with Chipley eventually earning a 50-40 victory, one of 12 already in the young season for Bozeman.

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