Track coach convicted of sex with student remembered after being found dead of apparent suicide

Track coach convicted of sex with student remembered after being found dead of apparent suicide


Track coach convicted of sex with student remembered after being found dead of apparent suicide


LOVELL, Maine — The community remembered 28-year-old Timothy Even, a former Westbrook track coach convicted of having sex with a student after Maine State Police say he committed suicide on Friday.

A statement released by Maine Public Safety Spokesperson Steve McCausland says, “On Friday morning at about 11 a.m. (Maine State Trooper Lt. Walter F. Grzyb) checked on a vehicle backed into a log landing…in Lovell near the Stoneham town line.”

The statement continues to say the deceased male found was identified as Even.

The report states, “His death is not suspicious and is believed to be a suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.  The medical examiner’s office will make the final determination. An autopsy is not expected but further testing will be conducted to determine the exact cause of death.”

Even had worked at Westbrook High School as a track coach.

According to the police affidavit, Even told investigators that he had sexual relations with a 17-year-old three times outside at a park in Portland. The age of consent is 16 in Maine, but it is against state law to have sexual relations with a student you have authority over.

In a statement given to police at the time, Even wrote “This is a situation that started with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, my lack of professionalism and self-control created a situation that got out of hand.”

Even went on to apologize to the Westbrook School department and all others that have been harmed by this. As far as the alleged victim and her family are concerned, he wrote: “My apology will never be enough.”

Even was convicted of sexual assault of the student, resulting from the sexual relationship, according to police.

On Saturday, friends and acquaintances of Even urged the community to look past these charges and remember Even instead as the beloved track coach and mentor that he was to many.

Kate Hall, a renowned former student track athlete at Lake Region High School, met Even when training at the University of Southern Maine as a freshman in high school. She became a mentor to Even’s students at Westbrook High School as the two worked alongside each other and became friends.

“He was just an overall amazing person. You could just tell that everyone loved him,” Hall said. “He was so funny, and as a track coach at Westbrook he got so many more athletes to join the team.”

Others took to social media to express their gratitude for Even’s work and their grievances with his passing. They all described the love his students and fellow community members had for him.

“That’s definitely how I want him to be remembered,” Hall said. “Just as that nice, loving person who everyone loved who gave back to the track world and to the community in general.”

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