VIDEO: Showing You Some Glove

VIDEO: Showing You Some Glove


VIDEO: Showing You Some Glove

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VIDEO: That’s NOT ‘Just Who I Am’

Florida State University head softball coach Lonni Alameda recently provided members with all a young infielder needs to know about executing underhand flips to a teammate at the bag, assuming said infielder has a fair amount of time to make the play.

But we all know sports isn’t always fair, right? As often as not, time is a luxury you simply don’t have. Nobody knows that better than Coach Lonni, whose exclusive new video provides easy-to-understand drills and instruction on how to save that crucial split-second by making those same flips with your glove instead of your bare hand!

Check it out, and if you’re not already a member, sign up now! It’s all FREE, 24/7/365!

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