VIDEO: This move by RB Davon Harris at The Opening tryouts in La. was insane

Davon Harris is a junior running back at West Feliciana (St. Francisville, La.) High School, where he’s a pretty hard man to bring down. Want proof? Here, check it out:

That’s … a pretty good move, eh? The nickname “Smoke” ain’t too shabby, either. Apparently college recruiters have really been sleeping on Harris, who doesn’t even have a profile page on any of the top recruiting sites, despite raising a bit of a ruckus at Nike’s The Opening in Louisiana.

In fact, if Harris’ Hudl highlight reel is anything to go by, the back has been doing this kind of thing on Friday night’s in the fall, too. Seriously, just check out the touchdown return he notches as the first play on this clip of plays from his sophomore and junior seasons.

That’s not a good move. That’s insane. If no one takes a chance on Harris after the shakeability we’ve seen just in this post, well, we just don’t understand.

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