Watch a deer nearly collide with Pa. cross country runners

Photo: Twitter screen shot

The sheer number of deer in the forest combined with a number of humans who run in the woods would hold that at some point the two might collide. Incredibly, that nearly unfolded in the highest profile of all circumstances in Pennsylvania, where two teens were competing in a cross country race when a deer flew directly in front of them, nearly colliding with them in the process.

The Cervinae fly by occurred in Cochranton, Pa. on Saturday, Sep. 30, with eagle-eyed fan Abby Anaya capturing the incident on video.

A pair of high school cross country runners were battling their way up a hill when the deer in question decided then was the precise moment to make its way across the exact trail where the runners were moving up the course.

The near-collision brought plenty back to poor Gwynedd Mercy College cross country runner Justin DeLuzio who was drilled during an NCAA cross country race in 2016.

Luckily the unidentified runners in this race escaped unscathed. The whereabouts of the deer remain unknown, so runners up and down Pennsylvania may want to keep their head on a swivel next time they’re out on a trail.

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