Which Shake Will Reign Supreme?

Which Shake Will Reign Supreme?


Which Shake Will Reign Supreme?


The Shamrock Shake has been a McDonald’s staple for years now. We can’t blame people for loving it — after all, who can resist a minty treat leading up to St. Patrick’s Day? This year is no exception; the Shamrock Shake is coming back. Except, this time, there are a couple of twists. This year McDonald’s got creative with their Shamrock Shake, adding four new flavors to the “Shamrock Family”: the Chocolate Shamrock Shake, the Chocolate Chip Shamrock Frappe, the Shamrock Hot Chocolate, and the Shamrock Mocha. So I decided to go out and see which ones are ‘the best’.

#4: The Shamrock Mocha; this one is more relative to what you like. Personally I don’t like coffee that much so it really wasn’t for me. However I have been told by a few coffee drinkers that they found it just as disgusting as I did.

#3: The Chocolate Chip Shamrock Frappe; I was very disappointed by this one actually. Normally I’m a big fan of the Chocolate Chip Frappe, but this time it just didn’t work for me. You couldn’t really taste the Shamrock Shake in it, and besides the green sprinkles on the top there wouldn’t be a way for you to know it was a Shamrock Shake.

#2: The Shamrock Hot Chocolate; Just like the Chocolate Chip Frappe I went into this one with high hopes ,and I wasn’t disappointed. It tasted like The Chocolate Shamrock Shake, but in Hot Chocolate form. It reminded me a lot of the peppermint hot chocolate they serve around Christmas time.

#1: The Chocolate Shamrock Shake; There’s a good reason this has been around for a few years. It reminded me a lot of Andes Chocolate Mints, and it definitely was the best of the of the new drink mixtures.


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