8-year-old dies after collapsing on soccer field

8-year-old dies after collapsing on soccer field


8-year-old dies after collapsing on soccer field


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you have active children, we’re putting you on alert tonight after an 8-year-old fatally collapsed on a soccer field in West Virginia.

Caleb, the 8-year-old who died, told his dad seconds before passing, “‘Daddy I can’t see.'”

“He fell and started convulsing, and we yelled for an ambulance,” said Caleb’s father Ryan Ray.

CPR did not save the child’s life and there was no defibrillator on the field. The only heart-related issues we know of, as of now, is that Caleb had a heart murmur and asthma.

But missing before dying on the field, his mom Kristy said, he was just acting like a normal kid.

“I have video of him practicing as goalie,” she said. “Ten minutes before his heart stopped, he was jumping up and down.”

This is alarming for anyone, especially parents. Olympic High School basketball player Aaron Barker died shortly after returning home from practice in January 2017.

David Ohmstede is a pediatric cardiologist at Novant Health. He told us, he is likely to hear the phones ringing off the hook later in the week with parents trying to schedule their child an appointment.

NBC Charlotte went ahead and asked Dr. Ohmstede what symptoms we can be on alert for in our children.

“Symptoms would be fainting, heart racing, or if they are feeling like they are tiring out more easily than they used to,” Dr. Ohmstede said.

If you notice any changes, see a doctor immediately.

Since children and teens are often involved in athletic activities during school, we reached out to CMS about their policy if this were to happen to a child on one of their fields. They got back to us saying there is an AED (automated external defibrillator) on every school campus.

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